DPO for Singapore companies

DPO for Singapore companies

We inform you that the Singapore authorities have decided to increase regulatory penalties for violation of data protection law.

 Amendments to the law that entered into force on November 2, 2020.

Did you know that every company must appoint a data protection officer and comply with the Personal Data Protection Act?

Has your secretary informed you of the new law and imminent fines in case of non-compliance at the end of the year?

The initial fine is $ 5,000 and can reach $ 1,000,000. The system of penalties is scaled and increased depending on the delay on the part of your company. We have thoroughly analyzed the market and came to the conclusion that companies providing secretarial services cannot always afford to be in trend and have up-to-date information. Many of them are also limited in resources to provide such a service, but the New Year is not coming soon and this holiday is special in Asian countries due to the length of the celebration. Unfortunately, even that minority of secretaries who are aware of the innovations chose to postpone the pleasant surprise for their clients for later.

That is why we have developed a digital data protection suite to help our and your customers achieve PDPA compliance in the shortest time and at an affordable cost.

You need to know the following about the features of this compliance:

  • You need a local DPO employee (strictly Singapore citizen)
  • You need to conclude a contract or agreement with this employee for submission to the ministry
  • This specialist must have the appropriate competencies
  • This employee must be coordinated with the ministry
  • An employee is required to be entered in the ACRA register
  • The DPO must be in touch during the specified business hours and must be able to confirm to the regulator that appropriate data protection measures have been taken within the company
  • The DPO must indicate a telephone number for communication and be ready to answer any questions from the regulator if necessary (regular checks are carried out)

Eternity Law International has the huge expertise in this area and is ready to help your company obtain PDPA compliance status as soon as possible, so that to avoid the threat of penalties from the Ministry of Singapore and reputational risks.

Procedure terms:

up to 10 working days.


3000EUR, including the Data protection officer salary fund for a year and the entire corresponding procedure. The extension from the second year will be EUR 2,500.

If necessary, on the part of this employee of additional services or actions a separate agreement and discussion is required depending on the request from the client. The employee can provide other services or assistance for an additional fee.

If you still have additional questions, we are always ready to answer them via this email or through any other convenient contact forms for you.

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