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Subscriber legal service

January 25, 2020

Subscriber legal service. Subscriber legal service is the provision of assistance in legal matters to entrepreneurs and organizations. Here the client can receive advice, preparation of documents, legal support in courts and government bodies, as well as answers to legal questions at any convenient time in writing or orally.

Eternity Law International offers clients legal subscription services for solving problems of various directions and purposes.

Main directions – Subscription legal services

The subscription service includes more than 10 legal areas, on which the employees of Eternity Law International help, namely:

  • protection and representation of the interests of an enterprise, individuals and legal entities in court, in state authorities and local self-government;
  • corporate law (registration, issuance of a license, other permits for conducting activities);
  • criminal and civil law (participation and representation in courts, in procedural and investigative actions; relationships between customers and contractors);
  • legal advice in matters of tenders;
  • legal support in negotiations with contractors;
  • commercial law (relationships with customers and contractors);
  • administrative law (appeals and appeals in courts of decisions of state authorities and local self-government);
  • tax law (support of inspections by tax authorities, appealing them in courts);
  • advising on all areas of legislation;
  • work with contracts: amending, drafting new and terminating those that have no legal force, as well as challenging and invalidating the contract, signing documents with counterparties (international and national);
  • correspondence, communication with clients, state authorities and self-government; with law enforcement and tax authorities;
  • preparation of internal documents, full support of inspections;
  • requests from lawyers for legal assistance.

Legal assistance from Eternity Law International will be interesting and necessary for individuals and legal entities, enterprises, commercial and government institutions, private entrepreneurs and companies, utilities, as well as international firms and companies.

Anyone who needs legal assistance can contact the company to resolve issues.

Benefits of cooperation – Subscription legal services

Subscriber service has such positive aspects:

  1. Minimization of expenses when using subscription legal services.When choosing this service, a whole legal department will be at your disposal. It will deal with the solution of legal problems. There will be no need to recruit a large number of employees, pay separate salaries, taxes and provide jobs.
  2. Reducing taxation.The subscription legal service includes consultations of our specialists on legal minimization of taxation. Tax payments will decrease under certain circumstances.
  3. High productivity of the company.When concluding a contract for the legal services of a company, you increase the quality and efficiency of those decisions that will be made. One in-house lawyer cannot replace a team of experienced, highly skilled professionals who know what to do.
  4. Budget forecasting.Many legal services are included in the subscription agreement. Thus, you can predict the costs of signing this agreement.
  5. Permanent consultation 24/7.The company’s employees are always ready to start solving legal problems. There are situations when urgent help is needed.
  6. Legal assistance in all areas of law.You may need advice from narrow-profile specialists who work in our company. There is no need to hire specialists (general) and pay separate fees.
  7. Business protection.Eternity Law International specialists solve absolutely any legal issues.
  8. Time is for business, not for solving legal problems.Our staff will be able to resolve any legal issues, and you can concentrate on running your business.

Features of subscription legal services

Eternity Law International provides clients with expert knowledge in commercial, criminal, tax, international and civil law. Our customers can be sure that legal assistance will be provided at a high level.

The specialists of our company draw up such documents (contracts, correspondence and claims), conduct oral and written negotiations with clients and counterparties, deal with tender documents, represent interests in courts and government bodies.

You can contact the company in any convenient way – on the website or by phone number. An agreement with the conditions for the provision of subscription services is sent to your email address. To agree on the formalities, you can organize a personal meeting or discuss the nuances by phone. To get a consultation.

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