License for crypto exchanger in Singapore

Over the past couple of years, Singapore has begun to rapidly improve in the field of virtual currency. In case of your desire to start your own cryptocurrency exchange, this competence is allocated to one of the most trustworthy.

Currently there are a large number of agreements in Singapore. Our company will provide you with recommendations regarding obtaining a license for the exchange of virtual currency (Money Changing and Remittance Businesses).

This permission gives the probability of forming a platform according to the exchange of currency for third parties.


All types of companies in Singapore form their own conditions for the smallest share capital. An entrepreneur who seeks to acquire a permit for the exchange of cryptocurrencies in Singapore will not introduce any capital. Since there are no conditions for the smallest amount of money.

Registration price is.

The opening of the company to our nominal shareholder and our manager are residents of Singapore.
Making your own business in Singapore.
Fee fees.
The help of a competent interpreter and transfer from the airport.
The adoption of a permit for the exchange of cryptocurrency in Singapore “Money Changer’s license – MCL”.
Providing papers from a trustee.
Transfer of the company to the property.

Chance to open an account in one of the banks of Singapore. However, permission to open a bank account is obtained by employees selected by the customer of an economic institute in Singapore. The knowledgeable lawyers of Eternity Law International will provide support at all stages of billing.
Perform audit.
Shaping tips.
Connection to acquiring.
In addition, the following services are provided: website creation and provision of necessary software.

In addition, we offer our services to customers who previously owned a company in Singapore that only needs licensing. Our lawyers will assist in checking rates.

Entrepreneurs who want to work with both cryptocurrency and tokens need a license for a cryptoexchanger in Singapore. The licensing procedure and the exchange of cryptocurrencies in the “city of the lion” are in no way subject to licensing.

It is possible to acquire permission for exchange from fiat currencies on the territory of Singapore in the period from two months.

Eternity Law International lawyers are exploring all the innovations that have a connection with virtual currencies. Our company provides support in the event that you approve a decision regarding the opening of a virtual currency exchange in Singapore, and also helps to acquire a license for the exchange of fiat currencies in Singapore.

For advice on obtaining a license for cryptoexchange in Singapore, please contact our specialist.

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