Ready-made company in UK

Ready-made company in UK

Ready-made company in UK – promising option for businessmen who need to start business activities in Britain in a short time. Today’s article discusses certain aspects of purchasing readying commercials with accounts in England, as well as the features of such a procedure.

Ready-going companies in London

Ready-made firms are ones being yet present. That is, it was formed earlier and accessible for acquiring. Most people looking to obtain a UK limited company choose to establish a novelty company: one doesn’t exist before they decide to enroll it themselves.

However, ready-for-exploitation firms may be very popular in specific situations. The pluses of a readying company can increase its appeal to individual entities, requiring on their personal goals. In addition, there are also different types of ready-companies serving concrete and varied trading purposes.

If you are planning to acquire a ready-made project, contact our experts for detained info on such issues. We are prepared to advise you and provide complete support in enrollment of a readying-UK-company.

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Ready-made companies in UK

Today, achieving UK enterprises is not a problem, you just need to select correct form of ownership:

  1. LP – limited-partnership-structure. Must have at least two partners. One of which is general. He bears full responsibility for the activities of the company. Namely, such enterprises are real UK offshore firms. They do not pay taxes, they may have a nominee service so as not to disclose info about the beneficiaries.
  2. LLP is a limited-liability-association with two or more founders. Address of fellowship must be locally. It may also be a tax-free organization.
  3. LTD is a private-limited-company. This is a full-fledged business-company that can manage in the UK.

For those who decide to buy ready made company UK, it’s also interesting:

  • The UK has signed treaties with 140 countries to avoid double taxation;
  • If the company’s turnover is more than 83,000 pounds, enrollment of a VAT-number is obligatory. The standard VAT rate in the country is 20%.
  • The UK is a jurisdiction that is not considered offshore in the world. Acquiring a company in the UK isn’t a stain on commercial reputation.
  • Enterprise in Kingdom helps reduce tax pressure if partnerships from tax-free zones are introduced into the scheme.

Following documents

When acquiring such firm, following legal papers are provided:

  • Enrollment certificate
  • Founding agreement and Statute in 4 copies
  • Free combined enroll including share certificates
  • Minutes and register of members
  • Forms of share-transfer
  • Non-trade certificate
  • All documents on state enrollment

Chamber of Commerce expenses and electronic submission of new director information are also included. (This does not include submitting a confirmation application). Such pre-made firms also come with a free-enrolled-address for two months.


One of the key profits of obtaining shelf-company is the operation of launching a commercial project can be quite fast as the firm is usually ready to go.

Purchasing a shelf-company in Great Britain can also be more profitable, since the year of its foundation may increase assurance of potential investors, partners and customers. Finished organizations are supplied with statutory documents, from the enroll book to the usual seal to the stamp book and share certificates.

UK Ready Made Companies can be enrolled in commercial Houses for a few-years-period and it indicates durability, making your project look more accepted.

If you’re unsure if purchasing a readying LTD-company is right move for you, contact us. Our team will guide you through the procedure and help you opt if this is the right commercial move for you.

Procedures for getting it

To buy a UK Ready Made Company, businesspersons will need to buy out the entire share capital. To do this, a document of legal transfer, called a form of transfer of shares, must be fully executed by the transferring party, in this case, the registered agent.

An example of a form of transfer of shares can be found in Schedule 1 of the Transfer of Shares Act 1963 (as amended). Once the stamp duty is paid, the share transfer form will be stamped by HMRC and then ready to be submitted to the biz-company for enrollment. Passing of legitimate and beneficial interests in shares can be documented in a simple part purchase-agreement. This procedure can be completed in a shorter time-period.

Ready-made companies for sale in UK: costs

Purchasing a readying business-company is certainly more valuable than establishing a new organization. Readying firms bear “content costs”.

Accounts could be prepared as long as the current owner owned them. Annual and corporation tax returns, required each year, may also have to be filed, resulting in costs for the seller.

Ready-for-exploitation companies might possess some disfavour. Any specific disfavor depends on the particular pre-owned firm being considered.