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Ready-made company in UK

January 17, 2023

UK possesses a status of a budding country where entrepreneurs from all over the world seek to develop their business-project. There’re two ways to establish a firm abroad: register a new enterprise or buy a ready-made one. Which way to go? This issue is of interest even to experienced businessmen, not to mention novice entrepreneurs. The UK is a very stable European jurisdiction, it has an excellent clean reputation and fairly clear and loyal legislation. Jurisdiction isn’t considered offshore, but more and more entrepreneurs intend to do business-activities there and get companies for sale in UK.

Our company is experts in field of launching and licensing of firms all over the world. We also offer comprehensive professional assistance in purchase of shelf firms. In particular, we have an extensive list of companies in Germany, Estonia, France, Cyprus, Poland and other countries that are relevant for sale.

Benefits of the option to buy shelf companies UK

Presence of an enterprise in the territory of this country opens up a lot of new opportunities, gives the right to work with European market, and inspires confidence among investors and clients. Certain types of firms (LP, LLP) are generally free from tax-obligations. In order not to pay taxes, you need to fulfill simple conditions: to be a foreign entrepreneur and have your own business-activities outside jurisdiction.

A ready-made firm in GB is a great option if you intend to try your hand at overseas business-activities. Consider main privileges of firm incorporation in this country:

  • mostly, a ready-made firm is not an operating organization registered in advance in the country, which was originally created for further sale. Such firms do not have debts, any bad reputation, but there is no history of doing business. If you want to acquire a company that has managed to prove itself in the market and has a client base, contact a specialized agency. Our consultants will help you choose the ideal exploitation-off the shelf companies UK and other countries;
  • a firm located in GB gives status to its owner. In addition to prestige, a firm in this country is actually a lucrative and profitable business-structure being often referred to as offshore, due to zero or small tax commissions;
  • you can become the owner of such a firm in just 1,5-2 weeks, and re-register all documentation in a couple of days. Everything happens online, without the obligatory personal presence of the owner;
  • a ready-made enterprise sometimes already has its own documental appliances: a bank account, a taxpayer number, etc. It’s exceptional cases, but it’s possible;
  • such a company already has a name. You don’t have to think long to create a unique name. In addition, you will avoid the ban on the use of certain words and phrases in the name. From the list of companies, you just need to choose the one whose name is most attractive to you. And if you want, you can change the name in just a day.

Types of shelf firms in Great Britain

Experts of our firm give comprehensive advice on the structural features of each organizational form in the UK and will select the most suitable option for you.

  1. LP is a limited partnership. There need to be 2 partners. One general partner is fully in charge of work of organization. Such organizations are considered offshore and are exempt from paying tax commissions. They can turn to nominee services to keep data of beneficial owners confidential. The client can involve his/her partners in the management of the company. If there are no such partners, then our company can also provide such partners.
  2. LLP is a partnership with limited liability. Firm has 2 or more founders. Such firms can be considered offshore.
  3. LTD is firm with private limited liability. This enterprise can operate not only in the country, but throughout the globe. Unlike previous types of companies, LTD companies are required to pay income tax.

How to buy ready made companies in UK

It’s quite complicated and somewhat risky to independently search for ready made companies UK, since you can run into scammers or buy an organization with a bad history. Use the assistance of our experts who have been selecting firms for clients for many years and know all pitfalls and possible nuances of this process. Our company employs only professionals with extensive experience who will select the best options for ready-made enterprises and optimize your budget. We are also ready to offer you assistance in obtaining a license to operate in various commercial areas, in particular, in obtaining a Forex license in the Seychelles, Malta, Cyprus, Antigua and other jurisdictions.

  • Since there are no separate normative points for citizenship of business owners under local law, a firm can be purchased by residents of any country. After purchase and sale process is carried out, depending on chosen form of ownership, following documentation will be given to new owner:
  • firm registration certificate;
  • charter;
  • document as for first directors’ board;
  • share certificate.

If the acquisition of ready made UK companies is carried out without highly-qualified lawyers, it is essential to remember the need to apostille documentation.

Do you want to become the owner of a shelf company in the UK and enter the global market? We not only help with the purchase, but also offer full support at all stages. Our specialists select exclusively new, individual and effective solutions for each client. The procedure for acquiring shelf companies UK and processing every document may be implemented remotely, without real presence in country.

Documents and requirements

According to the local law, a complete list of documentation that must be checked when purchasing UK shelf company consists of next-mentioned:

  • founding agreement or articles of association;
  • minutes of directors’ appointment;
  • information as for shareholders’ register;
  • share certificates;
  • office address;
  • general power of attorney and declaration of trust.

When you get all documentation, you can begin to work fully, in particular, to conduct transactions, sign contracts with partners and go towards the implementation of your goals.

Purchase procedure

You may buy companies with bank account in UK quite fast. Entire procedure will take a couple of days. You just need to contact our managers by email or phone. The specialist will select options and offer them to you. Then there is a calculation of the entire cost of services, and the beginning of paperwork. To complete the transaction, you must provide the following:

  • notarized copy of the foreign passport;
  • a utility bill that will confirm your address of residence;
  • company’s work plan for the near future;
  • description of the activity.

After the deal, you’ll get ready made UK companies with corporate documentation issued in your name.

Before purchasing, you must also consider the costs for the near future:

  • transaction support;
  • the value of the firm, including the reimbursement of authorized capital;
  • office rent;
  • payment for the services of an accountant and a lawyer, etc.

This is the minimum cost list. It is especially important to plan them in advance, because, for example, late filing of reports can result in a rather large fine, as well as exclusion from the trade register.

Taxation in the UK

  1. The jurisdiction has valid agreements with 140 states on the avoidance of double taxes.
  2. If company’s turnover exceeds 83 thousand pounds, it’s necessary to get a tax number. Standard VAT is 20%.
  3. UK isn’t offshore, so purchasing a firm here is only a plus for image.

Ready made companies UK help to decrease tax-pressure if you have deals with partners from tax-free spaces.

How much does a ready-made firm in the UK cost?

The cost of getting companies for sale in UK and the service range we provide is calculated on an individual basis, depending on the type of firm and complexity of registration. All calculations as for general price are provided in advance, and experts optimize your budget as much as possible so that there are no extra expenses.

What is included in the price of service range

We have been operating in the global market for many years, so we managed to get a lot of rave reviews and a brilliant reputation. Managers and lawyers of our company know their business perfectly and are able to quickly and cost-effectively select the most profitable options for shelf firms, based on individual needs and wishes. In addition, we will help you obtain additional licenses and official permits, if necessary.

  1. An extensive list of shelf firms for sale.
  2. Assistance in paperwork.
  3. Further support of enterprise.
  4. Expert advice and all information you may need.
  5. Bank and merchant account opening.
  6. Effective results in a short time.

By contacting us, you will receive high-quality service and save your time and money.

How do I buy a ready made business in UK?

Getting companies for sale in UK is an opportunity to become the owner of an already registered commercial structure that has all the permits, documents and is ready for full-fledged activities. To purchase a ready-made corporation and receive professional support when concluding a transaction, contact us. Our company provides services for the sale of ready-made companies and licenses in jurisdictions around the world. Our lawyers will select the most profitable option for you, taking into account your wishes, budget and other possibilities.

What is an aged shelf corporation in Great Britain?

UK shelf company is an incorporated company that has not previously carried on business. Such companies have a clean history. We will select for you a ready-made business that will meet your wishes, budget and other criteria. Our experts will provide you with comprehensive support and advice throughout the purchase of a shelf corporation.

What types of ready-made companies are for sale in UK?

There are two types of shelf companies UK. There are registered organizations that have not previously worked and have a clean history. There are also companies that operated previously, after which a decision was made to sell them. We offer hundreds of ready-made companies for sale in various commercial areas. Our lawyers will provide you with professional assistance in completing the deal. We will accompany you until you fully take ownership and provide all the necessary advice.

What are the risks of buying a ready-made company in United Kingdom?

If a corporation was already in business before it was put up for sale, it may have a history of debt, strict obligations to other parties, litigation, bankruptcy, etc. The corporation may also be incorrectly registered, lack any documents or license, etc. We will help you buy shelf companies UK, avoiding any risks; our list contains only honest and transparent companies.

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