IT Software/consulting Company for Sale

A company that operates in the IT field and has proprietary software for sale. This software makes a profit every year in the form of a license fee, since the company has signed contracts with the most famous mining organizations. Of these contracts, agreements have already been concluded regarding the provision of management and consulting services.

The company’s assets are estimated at 1.6 million. The company’s intellectual property products and code base are valued at over 5.5 million. It is a trusted, registered and authorized supplier of quality software.

What is important for a potential buyer to know?

  • No debt.
  • More than 15 years, solid record of accomplishment.
  • Base of mining enterprises.

Real estate location: South Africa, however the business is not tied to any one specific location.

Potential for Expansion: Great opportunity to expand professional horizons. The marketing activities of the new owner will especially contribute to the promotion.

Competition in the market: very low level of competition because the company’s product is high quality and unique.

Reason for the sale: the owner’s desire to do something new after so many years of development of this company.

Staff: six employees.

New customer support and training: within six months, the old owner will help the new owner.

The business can be run from home and relocated as needed.

Asking Price: On request

For details:  / Telegram @Alexandraa001

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