Eternity Law International API/EMI in UK for Sale

API/EMI in UK for Sale

September 2, 2020

API/EMI in UK for Sale. You have a unique opportunity to purchase a financial institution with an AEMI (Authorized Use and Operation of Electronic Money) license.

The company (API) FCA, which was registered under the jurisdiction of the UK about 20 years ago, is for sale.

The API license can easily be replaced with an AEMI license as the company has two trusted accounts and respectable control histories from FCA. The application process for an AEMI license will take approximately 5-6 months.

Now the company operates in the field of money transfers, but it has a huge potential for the development of its capacities in other countries.

Once a company has achieved AEMI status, the services it can offer will be as follows:

  • multicurrency IBAN transactions;
  • issuance of prepaid cards;
  • creation and administration of digital accounts;
  • crediting cash to the payment account;
  • withdrawing cash from a payment account;
  • carrying out operations related to payment transactions, including transferring funds to the account of the service provider, to the account of the service user or to the account of third parties;
  • direct debit procedure (including one-time debit, bank card payments, credit transfers, etc.);
  • creation and issuance of payment instruments of various kinds and directions of use;
  • transfer of funds;
  • payment initiation services;
  • account support and provision of information regarding the client’s account;
  • issue of electronic currency.

Current production: £ 600,000 monthly.

The number of orders received from customers now: about 2,000 money transfers are made monthly.

Monthly sales turnover: £ 25 / £ 30k average

Overhead per month: Average £ 20 / £ 25k.

The company has the following bank accounts:

  • there are 2 accounts with UK banking institutions;
  • there are 2 trade providers that are already configured and operate online, using offline working methods.

AEMI license must be paid separately.

Asking Price: On request

For details:

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