USA Commercial Bank for sale

Buy Commercial Bank in USA

A commercial bank registered under the jurisdiction of the United States is for sale. The offer is active.

The range of services provided by the bank includes the following:

  • opening and maintaining a deposit account on favorable terms for the client, which are selected in accordance with certain needs;
  • issuance of certificates on the deposit of funds (for example, deposits for a specific period or deposit certificates);
  • opening a savings account;
  • opening cash management accounts;
  • opening and maintaining a bank current account (an account from which funds can be withdrawn by a check received from a client);
  • opening a money market deposit account;
  • provision of services related to money transfers (for example, wire transfers);
  • issuance of checks with the bank’s inscription on acceptance for payment and issuance of bank bills of exchange;
  • currency exchange operations;
  • issuance of debit and credit cards;
  • assistance in managing cash transactions;
  • loans to individuals and commercial loans;
  • mortgage loans;
  • the possibility of overdraft (exceeding the loan amount, which was originally established) and the execution of agreements on the issuance of loans for the specified amount;
  • letter of credit;
  • services of a public notary;
  • having the authority to purchase and buy, as well as store and make contributions to securities at their own expense;
  • ownership of commercial and residential real estate;
  • the possibility of expanding and expanding activities throughout the United States;
  • opening and managing accounts online;
  • SWIFT operations;
  • support and development of correspondent relations with other banking institutions in countries that are one of the main financial markets.

Type of real estate: banking institution

Object status: on sale Commercial Bank in USA

Location: USA

Feature: financial support from the seller is available.

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