Eternity Law International Ready made company in Guernsey

Ready made company in Guernsey

April 7, 2020

What is included:

  • Ready made company in Guernsey
  • Local bank account
  • Legal address

Cost: on request.


According to Guernsey law, an island company can be entered into a register of a closed or open type, which has limited liability. In general, all firms here are either resident, or exempted, or, as they are also called, non-resident.

At the beginning of 2019, an island was passed on the island that prohibits remote firms from working or holding financial assets without a personal presence. Under this decree, companies that deal with:

  • financing;
  • various asset management;
  • banking activities;
  • leasing;
  • companies with intellectual property assets;
  • Logistics
  • company management;
  • holding companies;
  • insurance
  • service centers, distribution companies.

For firms with this type of activity, there are a number of requirements under which they are allowed to work for Guernsey. The first condition is that a certain number of qualified employees should work in the company, in accordance with its direction.

The second condition is the presence of an office on the island, while its area must be strictly observed according to the prescribed recommendations and correspond to the type of activity of the company.

The third paragraph refers to the reasonable costs of maintaining a firm on Guernsey.

Taxes in Guernsey

All exempted firms on the island are not taxed. At the same time, such companies must pay a corporate fee, which amounts to £ 500 each year.

Registered companies on the island of Guernsey are required to submit a report every year in which they indicate information about the directors and owners of the company (shareholders).

If the composition of the management changes during the interval between reports, this should be included in the annual report. For the fact that the report is entered in the state registry, you must pay a fee of 100 pounds.

Therefore, firms should consider these costs in the total amount of the service. For the delay in submitting the report, the company will have to pay the island a fine.

OVERVIEW ISLAND INFORMATION. Ready made company in Guernsey

On a small island with an area of ​​65 km², 63,026 people live, who speak two state languages ​​- English and French. The population consists mainly of Normans and English.

Guernsey has parliamentary democracy with its capital in St. Peter Port. The country is governed by an advisory body.

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