Ready-made company with licenses for crypto exchange and crypto wallet in Estonia

A company with a license was registered in Estonia in 2019.

Included in the price:

✔ EU registered company

✔ 2 EU licenses for cryptocurrency business – exchange and wallet

✔ Corporate account in European EMI

✔ AML / KYC Operating procedures approved by the regulator

✔ You will inherit the legal right to sell, trade and / or store digital currencies

✔ 100% Good Standing and readiness to transfer ownership

NOTE. The “new requirements” will apply to companies licensed after 03/10/2020 in Estonia. The new requirements are becoming more stringent and stipulate that companies must have:

– member of local government

– office in Estonia

– authorized capital from 12’000 EUR (paid)

– the state fee will increase to 3’500 euros, and the cost of filing an application – from 1000 euros, etc.

The new requirements do not apply to companies that received licenses before 03/10/2020

Asking price: on request