Eternity Law International UK SPI for sale

UK SPI for sale

August 31, 2020

About the company (UK SPI for sale):
Company was established 8+ years ago in the UK and trading website, the company provides online money transfers to over 160 countries via range of delivery methods.

License (UK SPI for sale) : FCA Small Payment Institution
(max. turnover 3 Million EUR per month in the UK, no limit outside the UK, the company does not have passporting permissions in the EU, so not affected by Brexit)
Bank Accounts: The company has USD, EUR and GBP Clients and Operational accounts at several European banks and also trading account in Foreign Exchange company .

Provider Contracts (6 in total)…
1. Card Acquiring (2 providers);
2. Alternative payments acquirer, i.e. local banks, e-wallets (1 provider);
3. Payments to any Visa / MasterCard cards (EUR, USD, GBP, RUB) (2 providers);
4. Payments to Cash Pick Up – over 160 countries (3 providers);
5. Payments to bank accounts in local currency – over 160 countries (2 providers);
6. Payment to mobiles (1 provider).

Additional information and details:
Number of customers: 60,000;
Monthly average turnover: 165000 GBP;
Monthly average Net profit: 5000 GBP;
IT Systems – The company also owns it’s own in-house IT system, developed specially for this project.

Advantages of doing business in UK:
1. Reasonable Tax System;
2. Qualified Employees;
3. Its increased flexibility;
4. Ease of Doing Business;
5. Stable economic policy;
6. Favorable atmosphere for foreign investors;
7. Trade links intersection;
8. Advanced network for communication;
9. Ever-growing economy;
10. Favorable legislation. Laws are clear, concise, and fair

Asking price: on a request
For more information and details:
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