Manufacturer Refurbisher of Oilfield Service Stimulation Equipment for sale

Manufacturer Refurbisher of Oilfield Service Stimulation Equipment for sale

Dear Buyer,

This is a Manufacturer Refurbisher of Oilfield Service Stimulation Equipment for sale. The main direction of the professional activity of this enterprise is the development and production, as well as the repair of operating equipment, which is necessary for companies operating in the oil and gas industry. Such equipment includes various hydraulic fracturing pumps, any type of field stimulation machines, and more.

Basic provisions

  • Steady increase in income even during the economic downturn
  • The client base, which consists of large enterprises working in the field of field development and oil and gas production
  • Operating equipment that can be operated under all environmental conditions
  • Machinery designed for both onshore operations and water manipulation
  • A team of professional employees with over a century of experience in the relevant industry

Opportunities for a potential owner

  • Implementation of engineering strategies and new sales structures to take advantage of the increasing demand for new operating equipment.
  • Engaging mechanics for cooperation, which will expand the range of repair services.
  • Integration with larger companies, which will help to organize the production of the required equipment.
  • Purchase of retail outlets, which will give an opportunity to expand the influence on the market.
  • Attracting the market for used equipment. This will make it possible to sell refurbished cars.

Headquarters Location: Southeast Texas Region

Job Markets: the company provides services to consumers from around the world.

Real estate: the company has at its disposal office premises with an area of ​​4 thousand sq. ft. and many storage facilities. Real estate can be bought or rented, but this is discussed separately from the overall transaction.

Shareholders’ goal: Three shareholders have expressed a desire to leave completely the company’s activities after the end of the transition period. The fourth shareholder leaves the business for personal reasons.

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