Eternity Law International Structural Steel Fabricator&Erector for sale

Structural Steel Fabricator&Erector for sale

September 15, 2020

The cash turnover of this business project is more than $ 1 million. The Structural Steel Fabricator&Erector has a strong position and a reliable niche in the construction industry. The company manufactures and commissions steel structures, stairs, railings and steel needed for decorative elements. Now, the company is forced to abandon this business, even though this project is very profitable and has a wide field of opportunities for further development, especially given the application of a diversification strategy. Real estate is not included in the price; however, it is sold together with the business.

The company has been operating for over 75 years. The reputation of the company is getting stronger and stronger every year. The company has previously passed the appropriate qualification procedure in order to receive an SBA loan. Therefore, the buyer can count on financing from the seller. A potential buyer must necessarily have professional experience in the construction industry and the manufacture of metal structures. The seller can accompany the new owner within six months after the conclusion of the transaction.

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