IT company in the USA for Sale

The company is the developer of the newest IT product. This product helps to ensure the protection, control and monitoring of access points of any type, located in the city and in the suburbs. The technology can be applied to fixed entry / exit points.

IT product detects all types of parameters that have been set, such as gas, moving parts, temperature, light and more. After that, the data is transmitted via a special encrypted scheme to the end user.

Key aspects:

The company is, among other things, a trusted and authorized provider of appropriate services for small businesses. In addition, the company received a registered authorization from the US Department of Homeland Security to supply products for public sector services. More importantly, the company is considered a pioneer in its field, which gives it a significant advantage over its competitors. The organization now acts as a leading supplier of high-end technology products.

The company has a connection to the cloud storage, which helps to ensure absolute data security, because the target customer audience of the organization includes more than 10 million points that need protection. Now, the profitability of the enterprise is about 65 percent. The company is managed solely by the owner.

The opportunities for improving production efficiency and expanding the boundaries of business activities increase every year.


  • Providing training and support: the owner, for a certain period, will remain in production and help the new owner.
  • Self-financing: available.
  • Reason for the sale: the owner needs a partner because the business is too big to carry out all the activities alone

Asking Price: On request

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