Active Operating EU Business for Sale

What is included?

✔Slovakian Company founded in 2018th.

✔Transport License valid till 2028.

✔Active VAT number.

✔No debts, credits and other liabilities.

✔ Three specialized vehicles owned. All with currently passed technical check.

✔Hired qualified staff with in-house accountant and certified logistics specialist.

✔Active and existing contracts. Opportunities for Growth.

✔Company’s maintained goodwill.

✔The company’s and founders’ good standing.

✔Ongoing consultancy and mentoring for the new owner.

Company Background: Established in 2018th. The experienced founders at that moment were already are operating a big transport business outside EU which they continue nowadays. At the moment, the business is at the peak of development, continues to work and has valid contracts.

Key business opportunities for the new owner:

  1. Market Demands

Slovakia is the world’s third vehicles producing country by their amount. In light of this fact the market requires licensed transporters to deliver vehicles.

  1. Ready-Made Operating Business Structure

The company constantly produces revenue while you read this. The new owner doesn’t require additional time spent on obtaining permissions, staff recruitment, and VAT registration. New owner doesn’t have to seek customers and have non-active company while negotiating with them.

III. Existing Growth Points

Due to the company’s reputation, current contractors are willing to have more of the company’s vehicles and services. New owner can easily buy new vehicles and accept more orders from existing client.

  1. Professional Base

The new owner will have access to hired specialists who would be at his service and guide through current issues in logistics and accountancy.

  1. Ongoing Support

Current owners offer their help for the first steps after the acquisition is done on all possible points of the business.

Reason for sale: The owners’ main businesses are beyond the EU. Due to lockdown requirements they have to stay within country longer than usual. As the business is on his growth peak, they are seeking for a decent buyer able to keep this business growing.

Asking price: on request.

For details:

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