Eternity Law International Company with crypto license in Kazakhstan for sale

Company with crypto license in Kazakhstan for sale

December 5, 2022

Gainful and very promising offer is company with crypto license in Kazakhstan for sale. A fairly favorable commercial microclimate has been created in the state, which in possible ways contributes to development of crypto business, which gives businesspersons opportunities to invest in structures that have excellent development prospects.

Rights and possibilities of company with crypto license in Kazakhstan

  1. Carry out operations with investments, acting as a principal.
  2. Perform operations with investments, acting as an agent.
  3. Manage investment funds.
  4. Provide advice on investment-related matters.
  5. Act as an organizer of investment transactions.
  6. Storage (ensuring the protection of tokens and managing deals with them).

The opportunity to buy a company with crypto license in Kazakhstan includes:

  • active accounts in two banking institutions;
  • ready client base;
  • interface developed in several languages;
  • soft.

Providing additional information about the company requires the buyer to sign an NDA, provide a copy of the passport and a document confirming the availability of sufficient funds.

Price and offer details: 

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