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The world’s largest financial market is Forex, which exchanges currencies at market prices. Back in 1977, the cash flow in the Forex market was more than 5 billion, and in 2016 it was 5 trillion dollars. He replaced the established standards for the freedom of currency exchange.

Additional financial flows were needed for different countries. Over time, people have adapted to earn on currency exchange. Due to currency differences, traders made a profit. This has become a source of basic income for them.

The advantages of establishing a free course are indisputable, they have led to the following:

– Import and export are regular participants in the financial market.
– Leading banks have an impact on the state of the currency and the economy as a whole.
– Changes in the market demand and supply generate a shift in exchange rates.
– The key advantage of Forex is the ability to increase equity. Traders in this area have a fairly high profit.

If you want to become a member of the international interbank market and engage in such activities, then you need to go through the procedure of legal registration of the business. Using the services of our employees, you can register a company and open an account with leading banks in different countries.

For example, obtaining a Forex license and opening a bank account in Switzerland, which occupies a leading position in the world rating in terms of quality of service and investment security.

Leading jurisdictions for opening a trading account in the current year

Opening an account in European countries has a number of advantages for brokers:

– high rate of revenue increase;
– revenue growth from operations;
– high reputation of banks.

When choosing between European countries, preference should be given to Cyprus. Having formalized your activities in Cyprus, you can become a participant in the European market according to all the rules in a simplified version.

Representatives of our organization will assist you in registering a company and creating an account on Forex.

Opening a Forex account in European countries is a very expensive pleasure. Service in prestigious banks is not affordable for everyone. But, despite the high cost of service, opening an account in a European bank has its own advantages:

– confidential retention of owner data;
– possibility of remote registration;
– High quality Internet banking (large selection of languages).
– If you do not pursue prestige, and are looking for an option with lower financial costs – help should be sought in the Baltic countries.

In view of our many years of cooperation with the Baltic banks, we can give recommendations for opening a bank account for the country you need. Legal representatives of the company will assist in the prompt processing of the procedure. Thus, you can quickly and legally open an account on Forex in one of the Baltic countries.

One of the best options for opening an account for high risk activities, which is the activity of forex brokers in particular, are banks in offshore jurisdictions.

One of the countries open for business forex non-residents is St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He has a lot of positives:

– lack of bureaucracy;
– modernized business technologies;
– simple organization of the legislative framework.

One more state open to brokerage financial systems is Vanuatu. It is very popular among Forex companies. You can work and conduct business in any country, and here get a brokerage license, as well as open an account.

With the help of specialists from Eternity Law International, it is not difficult to open an account on Forex, the registration procedure is easy and does not have pitfalls.

What is necessary to open an account for forex?

In order not to violate the laws of jurisdiction and open a brokerage account, you should contact the specialists of our company. We will help in opening a Forex trading account for offshore companies or companies from European Union countries.

Given the preferences and capabilities of the client, we will help you choose the most suitable option. You can choose Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, St. Vincent, the Marshall Islands, Belize, Switzerland, Vanuatu or any other country with which our company cooperates, and the staff will help prepare everything necessary to open an account on Forex.

Indicative list of documents

Considering the requirements of the Compliance Bank or the payment system, our company’s specialists will assist in the collection and preparation of such documents:

– personal data of the account holder;
– availability of the necessary documents of the company (a document confirming the registration of legal entities and evidence of the rights of the owner of the company);
– examples of signatures and seals of proxies;
– power of attorney for co-owners;
– some customized papers.

The entire list, as a rule, must be notarized in English.

Despite the large reluctance of many banks to open accounts to brokerage companies because of opinions about insecurity and risk, we will help open an account. With extensive practical experience, Eternity Law International is ready to cooperate with brokers and assist in opening a trading account on the most favorable terms.

Get expert advice.

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