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Ready-made company in Poland

April 7, 2023

It’s easier to get shelf companies Poland than to establish a new organization. Ready-made turnkey firms in this jurisdiction are very popular among foreign businessmen intending to start business-activities in EU quickly and without any problems. A shelf company is a separate enterprise that is registered but has not carried out any commercial activity since its incorporation. Buying companies with bank account in Poland is pretty easy. All you need to do is contact our experts for help.

Our firm has been working for many years in the field of establishing and licensing companies around the world. We operate in hundreds of jurisdictions and with many commercial destinations. In particular, we are ready to help with obtaining a Forex license in Labuan, launching a gambling business-project in Malta, a crypto-company in Estonia, and much more.

Businesses for sale in Poland

Poland company with bank account for sale

Europe, Poland
Poland company with bank account for sale. What’s included: Year of company registration – 2015 Type of company – SP Z.O.O Business activity – trade / provision of IT services Corporate bank account – Santander bank Office in Krakow Asking price: on a request For details: Please feel free to join our telegram channel in order…

Company with crypto authorization in Poland for sale

Europe, Poland Crypto licenses for sale
Below you can see the basic information regarding the company with crypto authorization in Poland for sale Company with crypto authorization – whats included: Crypto authorized company; Clean company, didn’t conduct any activities; Company is registered in Polish Virtual Currencies Business Activity Register; Allowed activities: – exchange between virtual currencies and means of payment; –…

Benefits of buying a ready-made company in Poland

There are a few advantages of acquiring shelf companies Poland. Let’s consider the main ones.

  1. Rapid progress of the economy.

The economic situation in this jurisdiction is the most stable in Europe. Poland leads the Central and Eastern EU in terms of bilateral trade, GDP growth and economic resilience. Thus, in the world ranking for simplicity of doing business-activities, Poland is in 25th place. At the same time, in the category of international trade, Poland is a full leader.

  1. Favorable location.

The jurisdiction has excellent logistics and transit routes. It links the states of Western and Eastern Europe. A lot of cargo flows pass through the country, which opens up great business prospects.

  1. Simplified rules for firms.

Polish authorities provide many opportunities for businessmen to quickly set up a company and start functioning, while the founders may not live in Poland. It’s important the starting capital of LLC is at least PLN 5,000, and the law does not oblige you to deposit these funds into the company’s bank account.

In order to register a company, it is not necessary to buy real estate, rent an office or hire local workers. Firms that operate on the territory of Poland, even if they are managed by foreign persons, have the same rights as local enterprises.

  1. Favorable tax conditions.

This jurisdiction has one of the most optimal tax systems in EU. Income tax is 19%. At the same time, in Germany the income tax is 30%, it’s 20.6% in Hungary and 21% in Estonia.

At the same time, the government opens the possibilities to add some taxes in firm’s expenses. It’s needed to pay attention to the payment of VAT, which is 23%. This tax is returned to the payer to the bank account “in real money” within the period specified by law. In general, the Republic of Poland, according to Doing Business rating, ranks 58th in terms of efficiency of taxation system.

  1. Expenses for incorporation and maintenance of the firm.

Entering foreign markets for the first time is often associated with the need to invest in further company development. At this time, it’s very significant to optimize all costs to the maximum, especially those aimed at maintaining the enterprise. In this context, Poland also has its merits. At the initial stages, spending per month on the maintenance of the company is from PLN 600, including the price of an office for registering a firm, accounting service range, etc.

  1. Loyal policy of the state on control in the sphere of business.

Due to the fact that the country’s authorities are trying to eliminate bureaucracy in the system of permits and licensing, now a lot of activities in the jurisdiction do not require licenses. Plus, the rules for doing business are quite simple and have no pitfalls.

Chance the fiscal services may re-monitor organizations in the first three years of operation is minimized. The exception would be if the firm initiates the return of huge sums of value-added taxes.

How to buy a shelf company in Poland

It’s easy to get ready-made companies in Poland, and you will be able to get all the benefits of doing business on behalf of a firm registered before. We provide a wide spectrum of ready-made firms with all permits and clean history. Our highly-qualified experts assist you in choosing the most advantageous offer in terms of budget and commercial features.

Our company gives a guarantee the companies for sale in Poland have not previously been engaged in any deals, it has no business obligations, assets or current employees. If needed, adjustments will be made to documentation, for example, a change of denomination, address, field of business-activity, etc. Firms must be registered individually for VAT payment after the transaction.

We also offer qualified assistance in obtaining licenses. In particular, our specialists are ready to comprehensively assist you in licensing brokerage firms in Serbia, Germany, Estonia, Cyprus and other EU jurisdictions. We provide all information you need.

Document list and requirements

You can purchase shelf companies in Poland in just a couple of hours, if there are no professional and regulatory restrictions for the future owner. In Poland, purchase of ready-for-use firms is a commonly-used option: this is an excellent business decision for any investor, especially when it comes to foreign capital. However, it is worth carefully approaching the choice of organization for acquisition and checking the reliability and honesty of the proposed transaction. To do this, ask for help from our specialists who have vast expertise in buying and selling ready-made firms. We are engaged in sale of organizations with value added tax (VAT) registration, as well as firms without a tax number.

Prior to offering a ready firm to a client, our experts check shares distribution, the composition of the founders, the company’s addresses, type of business-activity, bank accounts and other nuances. Thus you can own a clean and commercially profitable firm you may launch on market-space immediately.

Purchase process

To get companies for sale in Poland, you need to notarize a document list and sign an agreement, acquire shares in the company and appoint a director. Next, you need to open a corporate account in a banking institution if it does not exist.

The process of acquisition is divided into next-mentioned steps:

  • selection of organization suitable for investor;
  • execution of contract, necessarily with presence of a notary who will certify documents, and collection of a full documentation package;
  • firm launch.

All forms required to complete a deal and open a business-structure will be collected and correctly filled out by the lawyers of our company.

Taxation in Poland

Income tax rate is 17-32% based on scope of the business and the amount of income received. Registering a firm, you can select the type of taxation, which will help minimize commissions.

It is also mandatory to pay social contributions:

  • PLN 60 per month for the first 6-month-period after firm registration;
  • PLN 200 per month for a further period.

In addition, in Poland it is necessary to pay for health insurance; the amount of payment depends on the type of taxation.

In this country, persons who pay VAT can return this money in full within the time limits specified by law. You can choose to calculate monthly or quarterly.

How much does a ready Polish company cost?

Price depends on the type of organization chosen, complexity of registration and other nuances. Experts of our firm will calculate for you all upcoming expenses on an individual basis, immediately before the transaction. Contact us now for a consultation to initiate process of launching a business in Europe as soon as possible.

What is included in the cost of services

We have been providing our services on the world market for many years, so we have managed to establish ourselves as experienced, attentive to customers and honest experts with a high level of expertise. Turning to lawyers of our company, you’ll realize that launching a business-structure in Poland and other jurisdictions will be quick and hassle-free.

  1. Shelf firms for sale and registration of new organizations.
  2. Support at every stage of the deal.
  3. Assistance in filling out documentation and communicating with regulatory authorities.
  4. An extensive list of corporate service range: rent and registration of an office, assistance in hiring staff, reporting, etc.
  5. Professional advice. Our experts provide all information for your commercial start. 

We’ll assist you in choosing the best variant for ready-made companies in Poland in a short period and with maximum optimization of funds.

How do I buy a ready made business in Poland?

Purchasing ready-made companies in Poland is the acquisition of an already registered and established company, which often has the necessary license and bank account. To buy a ready-made business and receive consulting support, contact the specialists of our company. We provide services for the sale of companies and licenses throughout the world. Our lawyers will select for you the most profitable option for a ready-made business in accordance with your wishes and capabilities.

What is an aged shelf corporation in Poland?

Shelf companies for sale in Poland are firms that were founded to sell. They have not operated previously and have a clean history. We will help you choose the most profitable option for a ready-made business that matches your capabilities and wishes. Our lawyers will provide you with full professional support at every stage of the company purchase procedure.

What types of ready-made companies are for sale in Poland?

Interested entrepreneurs can purchase shelf companies in Poland that have not operated before. Such a business will have a clean history. In addition to these, there are companies that were already operating before the sale. Our company offers you hundreds of ready-made businesses for sale; We are constantly adding new interesting offers. Our specialists will help you complete the transaction and provide full professional support at every stage.

What are the risks of buying a ready-made company in Poland?

If the corporation has previously operated, it may have debts, obligations to third parties, be involved in lawsuits, have previously gone through bankruptcy proceedings, and more. The previous owner may also have incorrectly established and registered the company, did not have a license to operate, did not comply with local business policies, and the like. Our specialists will help you purchase companies with bank account in Poland without risks.

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