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Company Registration in Vancouver

June 3, 2020

Company Registration in Vancouver is the best option for creating any company in Canada.

But if it were that simple, every second would be a successful businessman. Most of the new projects that they are trying to implement fail during the first year.

In order to start embodying your business idea, you need to calculate many points. One of these is the choice of the city where you plan to launch your business.

In this article, I would like to say that Vancouver is one of the best cities in all of Canada to start implementing its business project.


Starting in 2017, in Vancouver alone, about 1,000 new business projects were opened. This is the largest figure across Canada.

No other city can boast so much. In the ranking of cities around the world, he took 15th place out of 50 possible.

For the first time, such major companies as Microsoft, Salesforce, Hootsuite and many others realized their business projects in this city. Many of them subsequently opened their offices and offices there.

A few years ago, by decision of the local government, a special commission was created to conduct a special study.

According to its results, the technological industry of this beautiful city brings annually to the local budget a profit of CAD 23 billion (CAD).

This huge amount occupies 10% of gross domestic product throughout Canada. The technology industry is in second place after real estate.

According to the calculations of the same commission, about 100 thousand highly qualified specialists across Canada are involved in the technology industry. Which work in more than 10 thousand different companies.

British Columbia Technical Center has been established and is successfully operating in Vancouver. This is a high rate of increase in overall productivity and well-being.


Vancouver is a source for talented people from all over the world. It implements and successfully operates a modern education system.

A huge number of higher education institutions provide excellent knowledge and the basis for future success to their graduates.

The most famous and popular university – UBC ranked second among all universities in Canada and 25th among all universities in the world.

The universities of SFU and BCIT, which are located in British Columbia, are focused on the implementation of a large number of top-level scientific programs.

Lighthouse, Brainstation, RED Academy – non-standard institutions that implement accelerated, technological programs.

Thanks to the simplified citizenship program, a large number of highly qualified specialists and professionals come to Vancouver to realize their potential.


It is a city on the West Coast of Canada. The close proximity of Asia and the beginning of the United States of America make it an excellent option for implementing the most daring projects in the American market.

A very convenient point is that Vancouver is located in the time zone, like the entire coast of the United States of America. Traveling from Vancouver to San Francisco takes about two hours.

An international airport is a half-hour drive away. From it you can get to all the major cities of Asia and America.

If you fly from Vancouver to any city in Asia, it will be the shortest and fastest way compared to other cities in America.

Vancouver is such a unique and strong city thanks to international relations and the highest position in the number of foreign specialists.

New projects in Vancouver, at their origins, are about 55% of foreign visitors, and if you look at statistics around the world, this figure is no more than 23%.


Our company guarantees complete confidentiality of all customers who contact us. If you are interested in how to become a resident of Canada, or open an account with a foreign bank, or any other questions, please contact us.

Send questions to our email address.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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