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Investment Citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis

December 27, 2022

A perfect way for citizenship-getting is an “offshore paradise”, which impresses with nature and friendly people. Special opportunities give people a possibility to possess rights as citizens do. Legislation allows local authorities to run a program when citizenship’s given to candidates meeting standards created by relevant ministry. Let us analyze investment citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Offshore citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis: legislative side

Such option for persons needs a major endowment to local economical field. For it, jurisdiction gives absolute permission. 

  1. Candidates together with their family-members, possess complete rights, and may grant it as inheritage.
  2. Applying for citizenship-rights can be performed remotely using services of agents. This process’s quite elementary, persons do not need being present in country. It lasts approximately 90-days, but may be delayed in special cases. You can also use the accelerated submission of documents, then the time for consideration is reduced: 2-months.
  3. To obtain status as a citizen of this state, there aren’t special points for aging, language-abilities, expertise, background, etc. – only a good reputation, contributions and documentation collection.
  4. Nevis and St. Kitts citizenship makes admissible to go freely to almost 160 jurisdictions.
  5. In this jurisdiction, there is an agreement that helps to eliminate double taxes. The investor has the right to choose the state, according to the laws of which he/she will pay tax rates. Jurisdiction taxes are the most beneficial for residents: profits that were received abroad aren’t subject to taxation. No taxation for private-incomes-sources, VAT, etc.
  6. A spouse and other kin may be added to request. Candidates’re also able to add kids.
  7. Citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis can successfully own offshore companies. You will receive all the necessary tools for tax planning, including trusts and insurance. In this jurisdiction, you are provided with full financial anonymity. The details of owners and directors are strictly confidential. There are also no cases of money laundering or tax evasion.
  8. No mandatory period of staying locally prior possessing St. Kitts investments citizenship.
  9. Persons are allowed to be clients of European banks, making it easier to transfer funds and also remain anonymous.
  10. It rarely happens any extraordinary events, incidents and disasters, even the coronavirus passed this place.
  11. These countries are great for travel and business trips, you don’t have to wait long for anything here, which is very important for modern business.
  12. Citizenship of a neutral state can save not only money, but life in business conflicts, political confusion and civil wars.
  13. Profitability. Persons may buy shares in expensive tourist-destinations. If shares belong to you, real estate is allowed to be rented out and have a profit of 3-5% annually from it. 5-7-year-period passing, properties may be sold on perfect terms.
  14. By investing in real estate, you can make a profit from renting out objects and developing, because tourism is very developed here.

Obtain citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis

Jurisdiction gives citizenship-rights completing a candidates’ full-background-check. St. Kitts and Nevis investment citizenship confirmed after essential economical contributions.  It demands you being of legal-age, follow all law norms and make next-mentioned proposed contributions:

  • amount of 150 thousand dollars (if it’s includes spouses, brothers or kids, then + 25, 20 and 10 thousand, respectively);
  • $175,000 in alternative variants;
  • purchase of real-estate worth from $200,000 (can be resold after 7-year-period) or $400,000 (if you need an opportunity to resell it after 5-year-period) to governmently-approved real-estate.

If examination is completed successfully and all investing norms are met, main investors are provided with 10-year-passports. After this period, citizenship-rights are reissued free of charge. Minimal investments threshold isn’t affected by family-members. It can be either a single candidate or with a wife/husband and kids. Relatives’ presence affects total state-fees.

Purchase citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis: terms 

Local regulative body clearly checks requests scheduling citizenship-rights by investment St. Kitts interviews, but it happens very rarely. Persons’re able to speed it up: regulator processes it in a maximum of 2-month-period. If applicants have some kind of criminal record or give false data, regulative bodies can reject requests. Possessing such permission needs correctly fill special forms. Documentation is obtained from local governmental bodies. Rules set for candidates are loyal. 

If you want to speed it up, buy St. Kitts and Nevis passports, etc., being afraid to face pitfalls, connect with our firm for assistance. Professionals with many years of experience work here, who know every step of the process and will be able to fill out forms as correctly as possible on your behalf. With us, you can not worry as for difficulties or extra expenses, signing contract, etc.; all commissions and fees’l be calculated.

You can turn to a consultant to clarify details on such issues and an approximate calculation. Our professional experts do competent jobs getting St. Kitts and Nevis citizenships, filling forms correctly, passing all norms of regulatory authorities, etc. We possess an extensive inventory of shelf companies for sale in a hundred jurisdictions.

How may persons possessing St. Kitts citizenship?

Candidates partake in possibility “citizenship-rights for investments”. Jurisdiction needs to be provided in $150,000 endowment. We assist you in accurately calculating all the spendings. Our experts assist you in its implementation accompanying you for perfect results.

St. Kitts passports: worth or not?

With such passports, people’ll be able to move freely in 157 states, incl. Schengen-zone, etc.

Getting St. Kitts-citizenship: how long?

Usually, it lasts up to half-year. We assist people to shorten this period as much as possible by providing the necessary professional assistance.

You can see our current offers in the categories “Cryptocoins and licensing of cryptocurrency operations”, “Ready-made companies”, “Banks for sale” and “Licenses for sale”.

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