Consulting of cryptocurrency


Eternity Law International is engaged in providing a comprehensive consulting of cryptocurrencies and services in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

It offers its clients the provision of legal business activities related to earnings on cryptocurrencies. Complex consulting, which deals with the company, is always characterized by high quality of performance and delivery in the agreed time.

For the years of its activity the company cooperated with different clients, among whom there were also newcomers with the desire to test themselves in business with blocking technology, and real specialists for whom such earnings became the main source of income.

In any case, the employees of the company carried out the order at the highest level, proceeding from the individual situation of the client.


The company has its own methods of accomplishing the assigned tasks, which have been developed in the process of activity, and is always ready to help solve business issues in a standard way and no ways.

Services included in the integrated consulting of cryptocurrencies.

  1. Support of projects developed for earning on crypto-currencies and technology of blockchain. Legal consulting business in the field of virtual money. Maintenance of ICO projects at all stages of activity.
    Employees of the company know the peculiarities of exchangers, processing, mining, and will help to ensure their activities. Also here you can get help when opening new crypto projects.
  2. Employees of Eternity Law International will develop white paper for ICO, will fully describe the new project. In addition, here you can order services for writing original texts and make a translation into a foreign language.
  3. Consultation on organizational matters. Specialists of the company will provide the customer’s project exit to the virtual money market, think over ways to develop a new business based on block-building technology, and find the data necessary for the project.
    We also provide mining services, make calculations for large-scale projects and provide technical consulting services. In order to engage in earnings on the technology of blocking, you need to have special equipment.


The company will help to find reliable suppliers of this equipment and will provide control over transactions for the purchase of special equipment for detachments. In addition, specialists will help to find the best variant of the project activity and will conduct licensing of mining.

  1. Assistance in financial matters. Also organizes processing, and will do a cash flow calculation.
  2. Assistance in promoting the project in the media market. Specialists will make high-quality marketing and PR projects. They will develop a marketing strategy and help with the formulation of promo materials. You can also get here marketing services for ICO.
  3. Solving the problems of the technical side of projects. Employees of the company conduct technical consulting, are engaged in the selection of specialists in the technical field of activity.
    Eternity Law International will create the technical base of the new blockchain project and outline the technical tasks of the project. In the work done, companies will always take into account the technical capabilities of the new project.

Employees of the company will do everything possible to ensure that the customer does not switch to solving organizational issues, but fully devotes himself to the leadership of his project.

The company’s specialists are waiting for a meeting with clients to understand the peculiarities of their projects and to prepare a conclusion that meets the individual requirements of the order, and then proceed with the successful completion of the assignment.

The finish result of the company’s activity is a ready project, made at the highest level. Contact us and get advantageous offers right now.

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