Trademark registration procedure and why it is so important

Trademark registration procedure and why it is so important

Worldwide globalization of all spheres of life causes the actualization of protection of intellectual property rights. Day to day any customers meet with logo, brands, names and simultaneously realize that here is a hallmark of some brand.

According to Ukrainian civil law, a trademark is an object of copyright and intellectual property as well. In general trademark is distinctive feature of your brand, namely unique trait which attract custumers attention to your good or service and signals that your brand is special and unlike any other.

Types of trademarks in Ukraine:

  • Verbal, which involves registering a unique name or slogan for your brand.
  • Figurative, which involves the registration of a logo, image, a particular sign or their combination.
  • Combined, which includes both verbal designations and graphic images.

Set of trademark`s distinctive features determines how much your brand is unique. Accordingly, the procedure of it`s creation demands selection of special combinations of colors, cryptographic notations and signs, which in their symbiosis are the components of the trademark.

Stages of creation and registration of the trademark:

  • First of all it is needed to choose a type of your trademark and be attentive with it`s creation as variety of brands on market is huge and the level of competition is very high. To eliminate cases of plagiarism, it is necessary to check the TM sample in the database of the patent office. The verification procedure is paid, but at the same time it minimizes the risks of failures at stages.
  • The next stage is choosing the procedure of registration. It has two types: standard and expedited, which differ in the duration of registration: 24 months and 9 months respectively.
  • The final stage is the preparation and submission of documents required for registration.

The above actions are sufficient for the registration of the trademark in Ukraine, but at the same time it is not enough to spread its action outside the country. In the second case, registration provides for a greater number of stages, which needs a double registration procedure, that is, both on the territory of Ukraine and in another jurisdiction.

To obtain intellectual property rights for a trademark in another jurisdiction, you can either register a trademark in the country of interest in accordance with the national registration procedure, or use the registration under the Madrid registration procedure. It is worth noting that even for registration under the Madrid procedure, an application in the original country is required.

Thus, to register a TM, you must perform the following list of steps:

  • Π‘ontact our company as sphere of our specialization also include registration of trademarks
  • Determine the jurisdiction of TM registration.
  • Select the type of trademark.
  • Select the class of MKTU and the list of goods and services which are required to protect TM.
  • Selection of the registration procedure according to the national procedure: standard or expedited.

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