Virtual office

A virtual office is a business place that can be operated remotely. Thanks to the virtual office service, business owners and employees can work from anywhere in the world.

All you need to do is have a computer or smartphone and Internet access.

A virtual office can provide significant savings and flexibility when compared to renting traditional office space.

If the business has employees, each of them can work from the most convenient location, and the business itself is not limited to hiring employees who live locally.

Meetings can be conducted via teleconferencing, video conferencing, or ad hoc rental of office space and conference rooms.

Also available is a postal address service (incoming documents and letters can be scanned and sent to you by e-mail, or sent by mail to the address you specified) and telephony (receiving calls to a local phone number).

The services of a virtual office, among others, are in special demand among companies registered in offshore jurisdictions: you can choose an address in any of the jurisdictions and indicate it on your website as a correspondence address.

This is used for the prestige associated with the physical address of the office, because you can rent a virtual office in any of the most popular business capitals in Europe, Asia and the CIS.

Our company offers virtual office services in most jurisdictions of the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, America, Africa.

The cost of a virtual office will depend on many factors, such as: jurisdiction, location of the office, the need for a personal manager, mail forwarding, answering correspondence, emails, calls, faxes, etc.

To order a virtual office service, call us at the phone numbers listed on the website, or fill out and send us the form located at the bottom of the page.

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