A company in the Czech Republic with a SEMI license. If you are involved in foreign exchange transactions, electronic money and cryptocurrencies, then a financial company in the Czech Republic with a SEMI license is suitable for you. We offer to buy a company with a license SEMI (Small Electronic Money Institution), which provides various services.

The license covers:

  1. production of debit cards;
  2. production of personal cryptocurrency;
  3. accepting, sending payments;
  4. the process of sending and transferring funds from 3 persons;
  5. opening merchant accounts;
  6. the limit is up to 36 million euros annually.

The main advantages of permission:

  1. new organization, activity completely open;
  2. was created and received permission to conduct business in 2017;
  3. there are 3 current accounts;
  4. The documentation is developed in 3 languages.


The acquisition of the company consists of the following stages:

  1. after signing the contract 70% of the cost is paid;
  2. the structure and name of the organization is determined;
  3. basic documents are prepared in the Central Bank;
  4. the company is registered with the Central Bank;
  5. the remaining 30% is paid.

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