Financial license in Australia

Financial license in Australia is issued by the Australian regulator, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

Our company offers services to assist in obtaining the appropriate permission. The company’s specialists are well versed in this matter. The process is quite laborious, takes a lot of time.

It is a great experience in this area that will help to achieve a positive result without delay, in a short time.

In any case, you should be prepared that the process of obtaining permission to conduct financial business will take about 3-4 months.

Even non-residents can count on obtaining a financial license in Australia. But in order to start the process, first register a resident company (A private Pty Ltd company).

At the same time, 1 of the board members must be a resident of Australia.

The customer does not need to be physically in Australia at the time of registration of the company and opening a bank account.

It will take a little time to register a company. It is necessary to open a company, collect all the relevant documents. Submit them to the tax authorities for registration.

From the moment of filing, the decision on registration takes place within 2 business days.

The state must have an official Australian officer (Australian Public Officer) – this is another condition of the tax service. According to the established rule, each such company should include a civil servant.

He must be a citizen of the country, have an education as an accountant.


Together with the application, the following documents are submitted to the ASIC.

Confirmation that you have hired a certain number of responsible directors. Personal information about each of them.

  1. ASIC form FS01 – documents that contain all the important information about the founder of the company, the type of activity that the client expects to conduct, what services or products in the financial sector will be implemented.
  2. What processes and resources will be involved for this, including labor and other systems. These data will show how the applicant meets the requirements set by the ASIC.
  3. Detailed description of the enterprise model. Who is the business oriented to, sources of income, estimated level of income and methods for its receipt. Information is provided in detail regarding each item.


An important role in whether the AFS license will be opened is played by the experience of hired specialists.

First of all, 2 conditions are checked:

  • level of competence of the managerial link;
  • a certain amount of finance that will ensure the launch of the business.

If you want to open your own financial business project, contact our specialists for help. We are guaranteed to help you obtain an ASIC license in Australia as soon as possible at an affordable price.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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