Eternity Law International Payment & E-Money Institutions Ready-made Cryptoexchange business for sale

Ready-made Cryptoexchange business for sale

October 8, 2020

Complete package to run a cryptoexchange.
Change of ownership within 2 weeks.

  1. Company incorporated in Estonia in 2018
  2. 2 EU licenses for cryptocurrency business – exchange and wallet
  3. Bank & Regulator Approved AML/KYC Compliance Operating procedures
  4. Account at a European EMI
  5. Website
  6. Own cryptoexchange platform
  7. Merchant Account
  8. Scoring system / antifraud system / own bots / API / added to exchange monitoring listings
  9. Face recognition module
  10. Antifraud anti-carder system
  11. Own bots
  12. Added to multiple listings, written protocol for integration with Coingecko etc.

Asking price: on a request

For details: / Telegram @sophieternitylaw“>@sophieternitylaw

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