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For sale beer retail license

July 8, 2019

Beer retail license for sale

The liquor trade is one of those businesses that require a compulsory license. Its availability and performance of licensed services are strictly checked by regulatory authorities.

At the same time, a license is needed to trade both strong and low alcohol drinks, for example, for retail trade in beer. Such trade involves the sale of beer directly to individuals for their personal use. This rule applies to any form of beer sale – on tap or in bottles.

Procedure for obtaining a license

The procedure for obtaining a license is quite simple and takes only 10 working days. To do this, you need to pay the cost of the license, as well as collect the necessary package of documents.

The license cost is based on two factors:

  1. the number of cash registers used to sell beer;
  2. place of trade. For retail outlets located in villages or urban-type settlements, the cost of a license will be lower than for entrepreneurs in Kiev.

Documents for obtaining a license

As for the documents, their list is standard for all entrepreneurs. It includes:

  1. a copy of the document on registration of cash registers – since the cost of the license is determined by their number. This document must be signed by the business owner.
  2. a document containing the address of the outlet. For example, a contract for the sale of premises or a lease.
  3. a document that confirms the registration of your business is a copy from the Unified State Register.
  4. confirmation of payment for the license. The first payment is made before obtaining a license. Then you will need to pay for it every quarter.

It is advisable to submit all documents personally to the business owner or his representative (if there is a power of attorney). It is also possible to submit documents by registered mail.

Under no circumstances should you send documents, especially original documents, by regular mail – it may get lost, and you will be responsible for their renewal.

After obtaining the license, you need to place a copy of it at the point of sale of beer. It should be easily visible to visitors.

It is important to note that a beer retail license can be revoked if you do not adhere to the Law.

In accordance with this Law, it is prohibited:

  1. selling beer to persons under 18 years of age;
  2. sale of beer on the territory of educational or health institutions;
  3. sale on the territory of organizations that sell children’s or sports goods (or in the relevant sections);
  4. sale from hands, without a cash register;
  5. sale using vending machines;
  6. sale in places that are not intended for trade.

Also, you should pay attention to the quality and shelf life of the products that you sell. Of course, the manufacturer is primarily responsible for the quality of the product.

But the owner of the outlet can also be held liable. This happens in cases where the outlet owner cannot provide the correct conditions for transporting or storing products (for example, refrigerators).

We remind you that retail trade in beer without a license entails administrative responsibility – payment of a fine.

Our company is engaged in business licensing, so our specialists will help you:

  1. calculate the cost of a license;
  2. get a license;
  3. understand the licensing terms;
  4. renew the license after its expiration;
  5. appeal against decisions of regulatory authorities if the license was not issued or was canceled.

Our company provides services for obtaining this type of license. You can order any separate service from us, for example, consulting on a package of documents or collecting a package of documents for registration.

You can also entrust us with the entire licensing process, from the moment of calculating the cost of the license to the moment of its receipt or even subsequent renewal.

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