IFSC license in Belize for sale

IFSC license in Belize for sale

The company with IFSC license in Belize for sale was registered in 2015. The firm got the license in 2016.

Brokerage license in Belize for sale:

  • An active account with a banking institution in the Asian sector.
  • Connected MT4 platform to IFSC licensed entity for sale.
  • Company staff: shareholder and director.
  • Structure can be upgraded.
  • Unresolved issues or debt obligations are not imposed on the company.
  • The need to contribute capital of 100 thousand dollars.

Types of activities that are permitted by the IFSC license for sale:

  • Payment processing.
  • Transfer of funds and trading operations with foreign currencies.
  • Trading operations with securities and any commodity-financial instruments, in particular, shares, options and others.
  • Services as a consultant and broker on matters related to one or another of the above points.

Price of IFSC company in Belize: Julia.z@eternitylaw.com/Telegram @juliazhil

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