Eternity Law International Asset management license Swiss financial company for sale

Swiss financial company for sale

July 27, 2021

Swiss financial company for sale with SRO certificate which was granted in 2019.

Overview of the Swiss financial company for sale:

  • Based in Zug;
  • Bank account in local bank;
  • Two directors can stay, services paid for a year in advance;
  • No debts, penalties, or liabilities;
  • Non-operational;

Authorizations of the company for sale:

  1. carry out credit transactions (in particular in relation to consumer loans or mortgages, factoring, commercial financing or financial leasing);
  2. provide services related to payment transactions, in particular by carrying out electronic transfers on behalf of other persons, or who issue or manage means of payment such as credit cards and travelers’ cheques;
  3. trade for their own account or for the account of others in banknotes and coins, money market instruments, foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities and securities (stocks and shares and value rights) as well as their derivatives;
  4. Trust/fiduciary services;
  5. Brokerage, forex.


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Baseina street, 7


Grosvenor Gardens, 52


1629 K St. Suite 300 N.W.


Gediminas Avenue, 44A


Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri 19


Lochrin Square, 1


Jacovides Tower, 5 floor


Esplanade, 7 floor

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