How can a foreigner become a citizen of Ukraine?

There are some categories of people who can count on the citizenship of our country in the first place. These are those born in Ukraine, children of Ukrainians, artists, scientists, refugees.

Requirements for applicants of various categories:

  1. Stateless persons – 3 years of residence in Ukraine (Knowledge of the state language, official income, immigration permit);
  2. Foreigners married to a Ukrainian citizen over 2 years – 2 years of residence in Ukraine (Knowledge of the state language, official income, immigration permit);
  3. Refugees – 3 years of residence in Ukraine (Knowledge of the state language);
  4. Ukrainian Air Force employees – 3 years of residence in Ukraine (Knowledge of the state language, official income);
  5. Other foreign persons – 5 years (Knowledge of the state language, official income, immigration permit).

The concept of “residence” means legal stay in the country without going abroad. People who have physical disabilities such as deafness, blindness and dumbness may deviate from the language skills requirements.

After the applicant has become Ukrainian, he is obliged to renounce his previous citizenship within 24 months, because our legislation does not imply dual citizenship. It should be clarified that the date of acquiring citizenship is the day when the appropriate decree is issued by the President of the country.

Registration of citizenship

Acquisition of nationality is a painstaking and long process that requires the preparation of many papers:

  1. Statement of desire to become a citizen.
  2. If necessary, you need to make a translation and certify it with notary.
  3. 8 matte photos of 35*45 mm format.
  4. Immigration permit and copy of it.
  5. Certificate of official income or confirmation from the bank about the availability of funds in the account.
  6. Police clearance certificate, as well as a copy.
  7. Notarized power of attorney addressed to Eternity Law International employees.

Renunciation of previous citizenship

It is also necessary to prepare documents regarding renunciation of previous citizenship:

  1. for persons without citizenship, this is a document that indicates its absence;
  2. for refugees – a document confirming the status and renunciation of another citizenship;
  3. Citizens of states with whom there is an agreement in Ukraine on the cancellation of citizenship of those countries  are obliged to prepare an application for the change of citizenship;

Persons who have started living in Ukraine as foreign citizens must present certificates confirming their official stay in the country for at least 5 years.

Stateless applicants are required to document permanent residence in the country for more than 3 years.

Those who have been married to a Ukrainian for at least 2 years need to present a marriage certificate, as well as a document certifying the Ukrainian citizenship of a husband or wife. In the event of the termination of a marriage due to the death of a spouse, a death certificate is also required.

Applicants, with the exception of some categories, are required to know the state language. This requires the following documents.

  1. If a foreign citizen has studied the Ukrainian language, he needs to make a certified copy of the document confirming the completion of his studies at an educational institution.
  2. You need to obtain a certificate of language proficiency from the local government or the administration of the educational institution.
  3. For people who, due to their physical characteristics, cannot learn the language, it`s necessary to prepare a certificate of disability.

Minors who are going to obtain citizenship with their parents must have a translation of the birth certificate certified by a notary. Also, at least one of the parents or those who replace them must have an immigration permit.

Children who have reached the age of 14 must draw up a statement of their consent to become a citizen.

If the children don`t have parents, it is necessary to provide documents on the establishment of guardianship, patronage, guardianship or an agreement on the placement of a minor in a foster family or a family orphanage.

The SMS has the right to require additional documents to clarify the reasons for entering citizenship and call the applicant for a conversation. It happens that in the process of checking documents, some errors are found.

In this case, they must be sent for revision. If it suddenly turns out that there are not enough originals of the required documents, representatives of Eternity Law International will help in court to establish the authenticity of family ties and the like.
Services provided by Eternity Law International:
  1. consultation; preparation of documents;
  2. assistance in submitting documents to the relevant authorities;
  3. protection of the client’s interests at all stages of obtaining citizenship.
Our advantages:
  1. written or oral consultation;
  2. great experience in this area;
  3. competence of lawyers and attention to detail;
  4. result guarantee.
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