The corporate tax system in Poland

The corporate tax system in Poland

Poland’s prominent European position makes it an ideal investment destination for businesses looking to export their goods to both the East and the West. Many entrepreneurs choose this jurisdiction for starting commerce. Among the most significant things you need to know to establish a firm, there are levies. According to the Polish Act, LLCs are taxed by Poland Corporate Tax Rate.

Is Poland a tax haven?

Poland was named the European Champion in the most recent issue of the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel as a result of the Polish economy’s stellar performance, which saw GDP growth during the previous 6–8 years. During that time, Poland developed to become a very desirable investment area. Poland recently gained even more appeal by establishing itself as a taxes haven.

Does Poland have high taxes?

The corporate tax rate in Poland is set at 19%. We can compare it with other European rates. For example,  Austria (25%), Belgium (25%), Latvia (20%), Denmark (22%), Estonia (20%), Slovak Republic (21.0%) have the higher level of taxation. Currently, the average tax rate throughout all the European states is 21.7%. So, Corporate Tax in Poland is quite affordable for entrepreneurs and their corporations there.

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How do taxes work in Poland?

19% is the usual CIT rate. Nevertheless, company assets might also be subject to the CIT rate of 9% if the taxpayer:

  • a person whose worth of sales revenue, considering the amount of VAT payable, did not exceed, in the prior business year, the amount equal to the equal of €2 million, stated in PLN or
  • if the company’s founding did not originate from a merger or transition when it initially began operating (in the primary tax year).

Based on business earnings, CIT tax is paid by the 20th day of the next month. Residents of Poland who pay tax must report all of their revenue. Foreigners only pay taxes on the gain that comes from Poland.

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