The corporate tax system in Bulgaria

The corporate tax system in Bulgaria

If you desire to have the ability to conduct entrepreneurship anywhere in the EU, Bulgaria is an excellent choice. Having the firm around enables you to utilize a variety of services on par with Bulgarian nationals. In this report, you can get more details on taxation in Bulgaria. So, does Bulgaria have high taxes?

Is Bulgaria a tax haven?

Within the EU, Bulgaria has minimal flat-rate personal and corporation tax rates, both at 10%. To compare such countries as Latvia (20%), Poland (19%), Slovak Republic (21%) and Slovenia (19%) have a higher rate.

While there is a 10% levy on revenues from the sale of property as well, there is no tax on capital profits if you have assets or trade stocks in the EU.

The following merchant institutions are available to stockholders from abroad that are looking to launch a Bulgarian firm as sole proprietorships, LLCs, JSCs, limited and general partnerships. Compared to other EU nations, the country enjoys lower corporation tax rates, lower operating costs, and cheaper labor costs.

How do taxes work in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria Corporate Tax Rate is defined by the company’s earnings, and the post-tax income can either be dispersed as dividends or retained by the business.

The primary thing to keep in mind about Corporate Tax in Bulgaria is that, like with personal earnings taxes, it is assessed depending on the location of the firm. In the circumstance of an enterprise being formed in Bulgaria or having a managerial location here, it is liable to be taxed on its global proceeds. If a firm isn’t launched in Bulgaria and doesn’t conduct trading there via bunches, but receives money there, it just requires to pay the fee set on that gains.

Chargeable base

Behind firms present their yearly tax declarations, corporate income tax in Bulgaria is levied on the following forms of revenue:

  • trade proceeds,
  • distribution payout for stockholders,
  • capital profits,
  • holding of property and transfers of ownership,
  • net interest gain,
  • license fees,
  • and revenue from abroad.

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