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Company registration in Czech

October 15, 2022

Czech takes a leading role in the organization of international trading operations. In addition, this jurisdiction has the status of an advanced state in terms of ease of organizing and managing commercial projects, and obtaining loan funds. That’s why, company registration in Czech is a modernized profitable solution becoming the key for an entrepreneur to launch and run a profitable and efficient structure.

Benefits of doing business in Czech Republic

Starting business in Czech is a direct basis in order to be able to purchase real estate and obtain a residence permit/permanent residence. It has membership in various unions, in particular, NATO, the EU, others. Registering enterprises here is a way to get to markets of Western and Central Europe.

Is Czech Republic good for business? Among main pros, it is worth noting the launch of a commercial project in this jurisdiction is characterized by a fairly simple and understandable general process. Banking services in the country are also maintained at the highest level. Firms can open corporate accounts not only in Czech, but als in any of EU states.


Firms established in Czech pay income tax at a rate of 19%. VAT for local enterprises is 21%. Some companies that are established in this state are subject to a tax burden of 15%, in some cases – 10%. In addition, sometimes Czech companies are completely exempt from VAT.

For individuals, income tax is provided: It’s equal to 15%. Czech is a party to an arrangement on double taxation prevention: it was concluded by state with 50 jurisdictions.


Frequently-met and convenient forms for setting up a business in the Czech Republic are s.r.o. and AO a.o. Among the general requirements: the presence of 1 director and founder; the total number of founders for the first form is limited to 50 persons.

For the first form, the amount of the initial capital is 50 euros; in case of firm established as a.s., capital must be 1+ kroons. However, in order to immediately show that your enterprise is a reliable and profitable project, it’s recommended to deposit up to 1,000 kroons of start-up capital.

For a.o. the board of directors must consist of at least three people. There are no restrictions on the number of founders. Each shareholder is responsible in proportion to his share in the capital.

How do I start a business in Czech Republic?

Creating a company in this jurisdiction is a long way and consists of several stages.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to choose a name and choose the form in which enterprise will be found.
  2. Gather directors and founders.
  3. Prepare a detailed business plan for the company.
  4. Form a package of required documents: a certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record; statement from the founders regarding the distribution of shares in the capital, etc.
  5. Prepare the necessary amount of capital for its introduction.

After organization is certified, structure needs to be entered in the register of tax authorities and the chamber of commerce, and specific VAT number is obtained.

Approximate term of firm establishment will be up to a month. Of course, each case is individual, and during registration, any third-party factors that may influence the decision of the authorized bodies are taken into account: type of activity, correctness of filling out documents, and so on. How much does it cost to open a company in Czech Republic? It’s based on the demands and intentions of businesspersons.

We’re ready to give you comprehensive competent assistance in registering a business in Czech. In addition, our specialists can offer you many ready-made companies for sale in more than a hundred jurisdictions. Contact us right now and we will find the best option for you.

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