Сompany with Cryptocurrency Exchange & Investment Advice License in Japan for Sale

Company holds the following licenses:

  1. Virtual Currency Exchange Service Provider license covering:
    purchase and sale of a virtual currency, exchange virtual currency for another virtual currency; intermediary, brokerage or agency services related to virtual currency; management of users’ funds.
  2. Financial Instruments II license covering:
    securities Markets intermediary, agency and brokerage services license
  3. Investment Advisory and Agency Business license.


・Crowdfunding system has been introduced
・Located in Tokyo, Japan
・Suitable personnel can be provided
・Net assets of about 30 million yen
・Capital (including capital reserve) 130 million yen
・Can be customized for ICO/STO

Transfer with zero customers, 100% good standing. Saves time and money for license acquisition and increases business reliability.

NOTE: to receive the name & details of the company, NDA should be signed, Buyer’s Details & Proof of funds and business scope should be presented.

Price & Details: dmitriy.m@eternitylaw.com

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