Eternity Law International Payment & E-Money Institutions EMI License EMI license in the UK for sale

EMI license in the UK for sale

February 15, 2021

The company was founded in 2018.
Two years working as a Small Electronic Money Institution.
Authorized Electronic Money Institution license obtained in 2021.

• 2 Bank accounts with UK Bank and Latvia (current and segregated).
• Integration with Banking Circle.
• Team: 8 people, including our own R&D department with an experienced IT team.
• Remote automated online verification and registration.
• The architecture of the Internet bank Core of its own design, using an interface and flexible configuration of additional services.
• Unique UK IBANs in 26 currencies.
• Ability to accept and send payments via SWIFT, SEPA and BACS systems.
• 3 offices.
• Professional UK MRLO.

Asking price: on a request.

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