Eternity Law International Payment & E-Money Institutions PSP License Payment service provider (PSP license) in Dominica for sale

Payment service provider (PSP license) in Dominica for sale

July 31, 2023

New investment opportunity – payment service provider in Dominica for sale. This is a Fintech Intermediary with authorizations to carry out Fintech Specific intermediation globally with no limitations.

PSP license in Dominica for sale: what`s included

  • The license was issued more than two years;
  • Has a clean Balance Sheet and is in perfect shape;
  • No liabilities;
  • License authorizations include execution of General Intermediation Services (ICOs, Digital Settlements, Payments, Value Storage, etc);
  • A perfect option for Fintech entities related to Cryptocurrency Markets or any other Digital Asset intermediation activity.

Payment service provider for sale holds a special license that allows it to act as a Money Services Business (MSB) and Payment Service Provider (PSP) Intermediary. This means that the Company can facilitate onboarding processes, including cryptocurrency transactions. Obtaining this unique authorization required two years of approval from the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Ministry of Finance, as there are no other entities in this jurisdiction with a similar license.

The company is a member of the International Bank Association of the Caribbean and has its own IT infrastructure.

Overview of license permissions

  • Engagement in all types of intermediation activities in the financial market.
  • Onboarding clients for intermediation or any other financial services.
  • Provision of services to the international public without geographical restriction.
  • Listing, emitting, managing, rendering, executing and trading Futures and Derivatives without restriction.
  • Acting in a Fiduciary role for related operations
  • Administering Cryptocurrency wallets or securities related with cryptocurrencies, issuing and managing Prepaid, Debit and Credit Cards for final customers.
  • Participating, mediating or issuing Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in any modality or acting in any capacity.
  • Delivering Cryptocurrency related services without Restriction to the International Public.
  • Issuance of securities authorized by law related with Cryptocurrencies.
  • Intermediating any asset, cash or commodities from clients.

Restrictions include the delivery of services to users within the Commonwealth of Dominica, use of the “bank” denomination on their branding and engaging with business with nationals of the blacklist published by FTAF and OFAC.

Detailed information is available on request. Please contact us and we`ll share the details of the proposal with you.


Telegram: @sophieternitylaw

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