ICO License in Switzerland

A major breakthrough in the development of any business is the registration of a company in Switzerland. During the active growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the number of people wishing to carry out the registration of crowdsale companies also increases.

Switzerland, unlike other countries, is constantly exploring the principles of cryptocurrency business. The main assistance in the development of information is provided by associations for attracting investments, as well as financial regulators of the country.

The low-tax canton of Zug is the best option for registering a company working with various types of cryptocurrency. The principles of monetary mediation allow you to perfectly regulate and control the work of this type.

These rules are directly related to cryptocurrency brokerage operations, which allows you to use bitcoins not only as a means of payment or payment method.

Important points for registering an ICO company in Switzerland:

  1. the team of directors must consist of a representative of that country;
  2. for the promotion of cryptocurrency commerce, legal assistance of a company of a company of shareholders with a minimum capital of 100,000 Swiss francs is important;
  3. To create a company you need a license license Anti Money Laundering license.


Since your choice fell on Switzerland for registering a kraut-sale company, you should initially acquire a “Anti Money Laundering license” license, which allows you to:

  1. provide support in the transfer of capital or investment;
  2. approve and retain investment assets;
  3. manage capital on behalf of the customer;
  4. sell the necessary documents;
  5. engage in commercial operations with cryptocurrency;
  6. deploy ICO;
  7. accompany lending operations (provide mortgage and consumer loans, engage in financial leasing, as well as commercial financing);
  8. carry out payment operations on behalf of the customer;
  9. open a variety of accounts for the consumer;
  10. choose banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and open various accounts in them for their clientele;
  11. bypassing bank statements, draw up investment or bank accounts for the consumer;
  12. manage expensive securities and keep them in deposit accounts;
  13. invest along with investment advisors.

If the company is part of an independent Swiss organization, then in order to start the ICO, the company does not need to get a license in the field of anti-money laundering (AML). The specified association controls all risks in the field of activity of the organization’s participants.

With the direct legal assistance of our company, everyone has the opportunity to register their company in Switzerland, open their own bank account in this country, and also obtain licensing rights to work with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

It should be noted that the specialists of our company provide an opportunity to purchase a ready-made kraut-sale company with an active Anti Money Laundering license for a quick start.

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