Eternity Law International Payment & E-Money Institutions Group of licensed FSPs and registered credit providers in South Africa for sale

Group of licensed FSPs and registered credit providers in South Africa for sale

March 9, 2023

Below you can see the basic information regarding a group of licensed FSPs and registered credit providers in South Africa for sale.

Group of licensed FSPs and registered credit providers in South Africa for sale: what’s included

  • Multiple bank accounts with the biggest banks in South Africa established;
  • All the necessary payment systems, credit checking & credit registration systems and account debit systems required for operating in the registered lending space efficiently in place;
  • Systems for operating an Insurance business and insurance brokerage in place;
  • Many brokerage contracts with some of the big insurers listed on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) established;
  • The staff and director are willing to stay in business;
  • All the Group’s debts will be settled from the proceeds of the sale, therefore the buyer will acquire a debt-free Group of Companies.

You can buy a group of licensed FSPs and registered credit providers in South Africa for sale and start your business immediately.

Asking price & details:

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