Big business in developed countries is increasingly interested in working with cryptocurrency. This is not surprising, for more than 10 years, cryptocurrency has been an alternative financial instrument.

High potential and profitability attract brokers to obtain a license. In addition, it is necessary in order to conduct legal financial transactions, and the authorities could not accuse you of money laundering.


Despite the risks in working with cryptocurrency, Estonia has seriously approached the regulation of financial transactions at the legislative level. The main provisions are spelled out in the law “On combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism”. Therefore, having received a cryptocurrency license in Estonia, you are offered such opportunities as:

  1. sale of services and goods for cryptocurrency;
  2. online currency exchange operations;
  3. payment transactions.

The license can be obtained within 8 months. It can be either for storing cryptocurrency and creating virtual wallets, or for a cryptocurrency exchange and exchanger.

Due to various legal requirements, licensing is very difficult to do. Our competent specialists will help you minimize the risks associated with registration, and competently obtain a license.

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