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Company in Switzerland for sale with crypto license

January 30, 2023

Company in Switzerland for sale with the crypto license: details

Est. 1973

Domicile: Zug, Switzerland

Company: Licensing Swiss AG (para-banking license, in good standing)

Platform user functions:

  • The platform is already integrated with crypto buy/sell/receive/send for BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, VET, SHIB, ADA, XRP, DOGE, RLX, and EOS. Other cryptocurrencies can be added as well, including your own crypto token and any crypto pairs;
  • Integrated secure cold storage non-custodial crypto wallets. Hot wallets, cold storage (ability to add additional wallets);
  • Automated KYC system;
  • Top-up by card or wire transfer;
  • Limitless user-to-user electronic money transfer;
  • Obtain virtual, standard, or limitless Mastercard prepaid debit cards. Cards can be branded, metal, etc.
  • IBAN accounts, for sending and receiving international wire transfers;
  • Instant currency exchange, major currencies;
  • Sophisticated merchant solution included, with the ability to offer merchant solutions to third parties (fiat and crypto).

Problems solved by the Swiss Company for sale with the crypto license and Platform:

  • No bank account needed to hold funds in several currencies;
  • Complete crypto to fiat solution – load to a card, withdraw to your bank, money transfer to another user, no bank or payment account needed;
  • High-risk merchant solution;
  • No limits on user-to-user money transfers, individual and corporate;
  • Multi-currency supported;
  • Limitless Mastercard prepaid debit card, loaded with any amount;
  • Very high crypto liquidity.

Description of the Company’s regulatory license:

In Switzerland, there are two categories of financial intermediaries. One category includes banks, insurance companies, securities dealers, fund managers, etc., and is subject to supervision under Art. 2, para. 2 of the AMLA. The other category, referred to by FINMA as the “alternative” or “para-banking” sector covers all other financial intermediaries and is subject to supervision under Art.2, para.3 of the AMLA. This license of the Company in Switzerland for sale with the crypto license falls under the para-banking category and has membership with a supervisory body approved by FINMA.

Asking price – on request.

Details of the Company in Switzerland for sale: e-mail: / Telegram: @beihuln

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