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October 7, 2020

Hong Kong is one of the most attractive places to start a business thanks to unlimited entrepreneur opportunities. A significant number of traders from all the corners of the world choose it due to its favorable business climate. And we are ready to provide you with the assistance at each stage of gaining a Forex license from the Hong Kong Securities and Future Commission.

If you have always dreamt about becoming a Forex broker, our company will gladly help you in meeting all the registration requirements and getting a legitimate broker’s license. It is not an easy challenge if you struggle all alone, but with the help of our experienced consultants you’ll be able to turn your dream into reality in any time.


  1. Supportive business climate and friendly policies
  2. Low taxes in comparison with the other countries
  3. Freedom of action you won’t get when working according to EU standards


  1. Foreign direct investments are welcomed in Hong Kong and highly encouraged by the government
  2. Tax for individuals is under 2%, while tax for corporations is only 16.5%
  3. Providers of financial facilities choose Hong Kong for its low adherence requirements than in the European Union. Hong Kong district is a highly estimated region for the Forex market.


As a client, you’ will need to provide:

  1. Three notarized copies of your passport (notarization should be conducted in English)
  2. The principal and three notarized copies of your utility bills for the past six months
  3. The director’s or the shareholder’s account statement reference letter from the bank
  4. A reference letter from your legal adviser
  5. A CV from the director or the shareholder, demonstrating at least six years of the experience in the financial area and at least three years of the executive posts’ position holding
  6. A copy of the certificate, stating your academic achievements (in English and Chinese)
  7. Your personal criminal history (or, rather, its absence)


  1. Application to the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission
  2. Attested declarations
  3. Registration form for bank
  4. Anti Money Laundering regulations
  5. Business programme
  6. Money perspective for the nearest three years
  7. AML/CFT affirmation

Note: Take into account that some other documents can be demanded for the registration.


  1. Verification Of The Name Availability
  2. Necessary Papers Preparation
  3. Documents Filling
  4. Meeting The Main Demands
  5. Completing The Interview With The Moderator
  6. Having A License Affirmation
  7. License Reaching
  8. Opening Of Your Bank Account

Please contact our specialist to get a consultation.

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