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Hong Kong Forex Broker License

October 7, 2020

Forex-trading is becoming more and more popular and is firmly established in the commercial environment around the world. Many jurisdictions accept Forex in their market, support the development of this direction and try to develop a reliable and loyal regulatory framework for regulation. Hong Kong is one such space. In jurisdiction, authorities comprehensively support Forex-trading, enabling entrepreneurs to fill this niche.

Our company – specialists in the field of establishment and licensing of commercial structures. We help entrepreneurs to start their commercial journey in the least laborious and fastest way. Our team of experienced lawyers provides comprehensive support in obtaining licenses around the world, in particular, Forex-licenses in Belize, Japan, Mauritius, etc.

Hong Kong Forex-license requirements

SFC, a local financial regulator, sets quite high requirements for those foreign companies that intend to obtain a Forex license in this jurisdiction. Maintenance of such a license costs about 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars annually. When deciding whether or not to issue a Forex trading permit to an applicant, the SFC will primarily consider the following criteria and aspects:

  • financial position of the entrepreneur and commercial structure;
  • solvency of the company;
  • availability of relevant experience and professional education, which will be correlated with the nature of the future business project;
  • the ability and desire to conduct activities that are subject to full official regulation, competently, honestly and fairly;
  • excellent reputation, project reliability and financial integrity.

As for rules and norms for those firms intending to obtain Forex-license in this jurisdiction, their list is as follows.

  1. A company incorporated in the jurisdiction.
  2. Availability of at least two employees (it is desirable that there are three such people) who will be responsible for the implementation of each service from the regulated activity.
  3. Ensuring reliable and competent systems of internal control.
  4. Availability of qualified and experienced staff.
  5. The ability of the firm to maintain on an ongoing basis a paid-in initial and liquid capital of at least HK$30 million and HK$15 million, respectively.
  6. Availability of insurance, which is issued in relation to specific commercial risks.
  7. One of the persons in leadership positions should be in the position of an executive director, who would be actively involved in and responsible for overseeing the regulated activities. Before appointing such a director, it is necessary to obtain mandatory approval from the regulator.
  8. Presence of at least one responsible local AML officer.

Documentation that is needed in order to get permission for a Forex trader in Hong Kong are as follows.

  1. Notarized copies of passports of all owners and directors.
  2. Notarized proof of residence addresses of owners and directors. As such documents, you can provide utility bills or bank statements.
  3. Letter of recommendation from a banking institution.
  4. Two professional letters of recommendation (from a lawyer, auditor, etc.).
  5. Summary compiled for all directors and shareholders.
  6. Documentary evidence of the appropriate education of directors and shareholders.

Additional certificates may be needed depending on the situation. In addition to meeting capital and employee criteria and normative points, firms are also needed to maintain proper accounting records, undergo an independent audit on an annual basis, rent a local office, and strictly comply with all anti-trafficking and fundraising requirements. In addition, organizations are required to support automatic exchange of tax data.

Our company will help you in the collection and preparation of all documents. We will accompany you at every stage of the establishment and licensing process, taking care of all the most difficult aspects, in particular, interaction with the regulator.

Types of forex licenses in Hong Kong

Forex licenses granted in Hong Kong are divided into two classes: full and small. The first gives the official right and opportunity to buy, exchange and sell currency pairs, provide advice on issues related to Forex trading, accept and store customer funds for work, and so on.

A small class permit gives its owner the official right to carry out activities in three areas:

  • to voice proposals to counterparties regarding various types of transactions that come from persons planning to carry out such transactions;
  • represent and select brokers for counterparties in order to ensure and maintain further cooperation;
  • represent and select brokers for counterparties in order to submit proposals for leveraged trading operations and contracts.

Advantages of FX broker licenses in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is favorable and quite lucrative for launching commercial projects in general and Forex-structures in particular, since the jurisdiction can offer foreign entrepreneurs the following privileges and benefits.

  1. Stable political situation, in every possible way conducive to the development of business.
  2. Modern, developed and loyal to the business sphere legislative base.
  3. Strict, however, loyal, financial regulation.
  4. Low tax burden compared to other jurisdictions.
  5. Possibility to get easy and quick access to international financial markets.
  6. The presence of fewer criteria that are put forward to business structures than in the EU.

Despite the fact that the jurisdiction puts forward far fewer norms for a broker who intends to obtain a FX license, Hong Kong firms have perfect reputation and are respected in global Forex-market. This makes this jurisdiction a favorite among those wishing to obtain this permit.

Procedure for obtaining FX-license in Hong Kong

Procedure of getting Forex-permit in a given jurisdiction consists of the following steps.

  1. Establishment of a company in the jurisdiction.
  2. Preparation and collection of the appropriate package of documentation, filling forms and drawing up applications.
  3. Opening a corporate account and depositing the authorized capital.
  4. Appointment of persons to senior positions, selection and hiring of personnel.
  5. Submission of documents to the Commission.

Our experts will provide you with comprehensive professional assistance in obtaining a license, accompanying you at every stage. We also have an extensive list of ready-made licenses for sale in hundreds of jurisdictions, in particular, a Forex license in Japan, Mauritius, Vanuatu, Cyprus and other countries.

Taxation of forex companies in Hong Kong

The corporate tax rate is set at 16.5%. However, it is worth noting that the jurisdiction has a territorial principle of taxation. This means that in the case of income earned abroad, that is, not from sources in Hong Kong, corporate tax is not charged. There are no taxes on capital appreciation, VAT, sales, dividends or interest. Double tax treaties are an additional incentive.

What is included in our services

Our company is ready to provide you with comprehensive professional assistance in establishing a company and licensing. Our goal is to achieve the most effective and fast results for you by making the process of launching your business project simple and straightforward.

  1. Establishment of firms in hundreds of jurisdictions around the world.
  2. Obtaining licenses and other official permits in various commercial areas.
  3. Preparation and collection of documents for obtaining permits.
  4. An extensive list of corporate services: finding and renting an office, recruiting and hiring staff, preparing financial statements, and more.
  5. Shelf companies and licenses for sale.

Our experts will become your reliable allies on your commercial path. We will guard your interests and help you start your own business quickly and easily.

How much does FX-license in Hong Kong cost?

Cost of getting a permit is calculated individually in each case. This is due to the fact that the total cost always varies and depends on many factors. Our experts will help you calculate future costs and optimize your budget as much as possible.

Our advantages

We are a team of professionals who know their business and are interested in the success of our clients. Our lawyers will accompany you at every stage of the formation of your company, not disregarding even the smallest nuances.

  1. Long-term presence in the international market.
  2. Thousands of satisfied customers who turn to us again and again.
  3. An extensive list of corporate services.
  4. The highest level of professionalism – our specialists know all the nuances and aspects of licensing, understanding the details and paying attention to the little things.
  5. The desire to keep up with innovations and implement new solutions in their work.
  6. We carefully monitor changes in the legislative and regulatory frameworks of all jurisdictions with which we work.
  7. Honesty and transparency in cooperation with clients – we will not hide anything from you.

Contact our help right now and you will be able to personally verify our professionalism.

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