Forex broker license in Singapore

Forex broker license in Singapore. To obtain a license for a forex broker in Singapore, it is required that the company has a history of working in the forex market for at least 5 years.

The new company develops a track record (a document that discloses the company’s activities) as an investor for the first 5 years, then files for a license).

The minimum share capital requirement is SGD 1,000,000 (Singapore dollar).

Also, one of the requirements for issuing a license is the majority of local shareholders in the company. Key management should be local specialists with the required qualifications.

Thus, there are 2 options for obtaining a license in Singapore – Forex broker license in Singapore

1) Through the purchase of a local company with a history;

2) Through the creation of a Singapore company from scratch and obtaining a license in 5 years.

The costs for this project will be quite high, ranging from S $ 5 million to S $ 10 million or more. If we are talking about a company with a history, it will be acquired according to valuation;

For the new company, the budget for obtaining a license will include the payment for renting an office in the central business district, the salary of qualified personnel for 5 years, the necessary equipment and software, lawyers’ fees for preparing the necessary documents, as well as a game portfolio on which the history of operations will be created).

Our commission for project maintenance will be calculated on an hourly basis.

The fees of third-party consultants (law firms, recruiting agencies, etc.) are agreed with the customer at the stage of attracting third-party consultants.

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