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Company with financial license for sale in Malta

June 25, 2021

The license of the company with a financial license for sale in Malta issued by MFSA +2 years ago.

License authorizations of the company with a financial license in Malta for sale:

  1. Services that aimed at depositing cash in an appropriate payment account. In addition, any transactions that are needed in order to work with a payment account;
  2. Services that aimed at withdrawing cash from an appropriate payment account. In addition, any transactions that are needed in order to work with a payment account.
  3. Operational and closely related ancillary services such as currency exchange services, payment transactions, data processing and storage.
  4. Functioning of payment systems.
  5. Execution of payment transactions of any type, in particular, the transfer of a certain amount to a payment account owned by a payment service provider serving the user, or to the account of some other provider:
  6. direct debit, in particular, direct debit of a one-off nature;
  7. payment transactions performed by means of a payment card or other device with a similar operating principle.

Details of the company with a financial license in Malta for sale:

  • A structure fully certified in Great Britain and in Europe.
  • Availability of SEPA connection.
  • Having an active corporate and security account with a local banking institution.
  • The presence of an inactive BIC code.
  • Small corporate client base, which includes all companies that use acquiring services at the moment.
  • Availability of software designed for acquiring.
  • Initial capital included in the transaction.

Asking price of the company with financial in Malta for sale: on a request.


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