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Crypto Business in Georgia

September 5, 2022

Georgia possesses status of one of states being most favorable to crypto-assets and strongly supports their use; there aren’t restrictions regarding crypto-exchanges. Additionally, crypto business in Georgia, located in special zones, should obtain an appropriate permission. In addition, Georgia has provided tax reliance and created a favorable taxation system for organizations whose activities are related to crypto-assets. According to World Bank, 200+ thousand people in this state are connected to cryptomining.

Crypto company in Georgia: regulation

Crypto-currencies have had huge impact on country’s economy as a whole. This was the reason that Minister of Finance approved normative act regarding provisions for taxing crypto-actives. Main points of this project are as follows:

  • individuals who are engaged in such activities don’t pay income taxes, regardless of profit resource, if it was obtained from operations for crypto-assets trade;
  • crypto-currency sales or their exchanges aren’t subject to VAT;
  • hash sales outside jurisdiction aren’t subject to VAT. Nevertheless, individuals and businesses hold input VAT rights;
  • VAT covers hash trade within jurisdiction;
  • if country residents purchase hash in another state, VAT is applied as part of such a transaction.

National Bank doesn’t regard crypto-currency as a means for making payments. The regulator warns entrepreneurs and users of financial services in every possible way that cryptoassets must be handled with extreme caution. Thus, the answer to whether bitcoin in Georgia has official background is twofold.

Purchase and trade of cryptocoins is not prohibited, however, and is not allowed at the official level. It is impossible to use crypto-currency for payments inside the state. Nevertheless, there have been several cases of real estate purchases for cryptoassets. So, company in Georgia for sale may be considered as profitable way to start commercial development.

For a long time, Georgia occupied leading positions worldwide in the direction of cryptomining. Jurisdiction is so appealing in this regard due to the following:

  • low electricity tariffs;
  • there aren’t restrictions at legal level;
  • tax benefits;
  • data on cash circulation is closed – organizations or individuals do not possess access to it.

Cryptocurrency Licensing in Georgia

Although Georgia doesn’t set official crypto-currency regulation, there are free zones in country where interested businesspersons can obtain an appropriate license. These zones are formed in order to attract investors at global level, providing advantageous conditions for taxation. Legal regulation in these zones is somewhat different from each other.

To buy crypto license in Georgia gives rights to carry out next-mentioned activities:

  • acquiring;
  • transfer of funds;
  • issue of e-money;
  • use of various financial instruments in operations;
  • carry out e-money operations.

Such a license enables an already existing financial institution to expand the range of its services and, accordingly, the coverage of target consumers.

If you want to open commercial project in this direction and choose this particular jurisdiction, please contact us. Our experts will help you understand all the nuances of legal frames and provide many options for a ready-made cryptobusiness in Georgia for sale.

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