White Label Banking Solutions

White Label Banking Solutions

Banking solutions’ creation needs plenty of time and material expenses. However, today entrepreneurs cannot spend resources on producing their own mechanisms for online-banking, but implement ready White Label banking solutions. These tools help fintech organizations preserve their own forces and minimize time it takes to bring organizations to market.

White Label banking as a service

It’s a set of ready elements having a common core. White Label solutions include ready integrations and APIs for connection with providers. In this way, firms can elaborate branded products, however, not building them from grounds.

Considering a plenty of varieties of software as a service, entrepreneurs can incorporate all of their following features into their operations.

  1. Customer registration process and AML/KYC procedures. This optionality makes it possible to identify the client and check his/her information against different databases. At the same time, full convenience is ensured for customers directly, in particular, significant time savings.
  2. Exchanges and payments. Producing mechanisms for payments is difficult stage of any commercial activity. Ready solutions and platforms for foreign exchange transactions give abilities to immediately get to a more advanced infrastructure and offer users a variety of paying methods and currency pairs.
  3. Ability to release debit cards. You’ll offer such tools to consumers via mobile apps and web resources.
  4. Opening and support of IBAN. A firm can generate an IBAN without being required to join SEPA or obtain a separate permit. The IBAN can be automatically issued to clients via its API.

To connect WL solutions obtained from a third-party vendor may be fulfilled on your own, however, this is a rather complicated process that requires professional training. The best option would be to enlist the help of experts in this area without compromising certain aspects of your commercial activities.

BaaS apps

White Labels are connected with online banking mechanisms and back office. White Label apps, in particular net and mobile, are intended for end users. It can be a good addition to general services and working as a whole.

Implementing White Label apps, enterprises may produce and implement a full range of branded tools without spending significant resources. As a result, extensive functionality is implemented, which ensures uninterrupted work for clients in the shortest period.

Pros of White Label software

For plenty of enterprises, collaboration with White Label is preferable. Developing apps through the APIs offered by these organizations has several significant privileges.

  1. Saving your own capacities. Creating completely new solutions requires a qualified staff and significant experience. In addition, the already developed solution must be checked and the existing errors corrected. All this will take a huge money and a lot of time. To avoid this, you can simply resort to outsourcing and reduce your own costs.
  2. Involving experts. WLs – professional remedies combining innovative technological developments scrupulously tested and comply with standards and norms set in Fin environment.
  3. Quicker integration. Labor-intensive stage of app’s creation and testing is already skipped and delegated to others. Thus, your company is able to enter commercial niche quickly, whilst having a functional core.
  4. Using ready-made technology, entrepreneurs may accurately determine their budget, adjusting it even before starting commercial activities directly.

Our specialists offer comprehensive consulting and practical approach in direction of implementing and connecting White Label services. Contact us – many years of experience and knowledge of our team will become your strong assistance in getting White Label solutions.

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