Ready-made company with bank account and VAT number in Italy for sale

  • ready-made company in Milan, Italy;
  • year of company incorporation: 2020;
  • opened bank account in Italy;
  • VAT number;
  • possibility of nominee service for an additional fee.

Declared activities of company:

  1. import and export of products of any kind;
  2. wholesale or retail trade of products of any kind;
  3. purchase, sale, exchange, construction, renovation of real estate, as well as leasing (excluding financial leasing) and management of real estate of which the company, for whatever reason, has the ownership or other rights, including the right to use and right of enjoyment;
  4. design, production, development, import, export, distribution, wholesale and retail trade, marketing, licensing, installation, maintenance and assistance in relation to hardware and software, as well as related components, in the field of information technology, internet and telecommunications in general;
  5. business and commercial consulting, marketing, market research, advertising and sales promotion consulting, as well as the creation and development of sales networks;
  6. advertising and commercial promotion, public relations, divulgation, including the organization, also online, of events, seminars, conventions, training courses, conferences and webinars, as well as the publication of articles, newsletters and informative reports, both in digital and printed format;
  7. services of electronic commerce (e-commerce, e-business and others eventual), negotiation on-line (e-procurement or e-sourcing) and marketing on-line;
  8. business scouting and brokerage;
  9. consultation, assistance, supply of services, development of analysis, studies and searches, directed to the enterprises or in favor of the same ones, in matter of business and industrial strategy, acquisitions, mergers, concentrations and sales of enterprises, patrimonial and economic evaluations of enterprises of whichever type and kind;
  10. providing companies with assistance and consultancy services in financial, commercial, administrative-management, strategic planning and internationalization matters;
  11. acquisition, management and sale of shareholdings and interests in other companies and enterprises.

For details:

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