IT – SaaS Platform For Sale

A SaaS product is being sold that has tremendous potential for distribution and further development, even under the current COVID-19 conditions. The site provides a fully automated structure for group registration, which helps to track the level of productivity of the team and ensure a smooth remote work process for organizing enterprises, which will result in long-term cooperation.

Key features:

  • Possibility of automatic registration for the group
  • Convenient tracking system
  • Performance monitoring against the set goals
  • Daily content posting
  • Analytics of the panel for management and information cabinet

The product differs from others in that it does not use overly complex applications or mandatory software downloads. The system manages by means of responses received via e-mail. The overall process takes less than a minute.

Location: Business is ubiquitous.

Market competition: this project is a unique hybrid platform that has no analogues.

Reason for the sale: the product developers, now, cannot do enough to develop and expand the project. Therefore, they place such a promising opportunity in the hands of another entrepreneur.

Team of employees: two people.

Comprehensive support and training will be provided to the new owner.

The project can be managed from home.

The company can be moved.

Asking Price: On request

For details:

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