UK Small Payment Institution for Sale

A license for SPI located in the UK is offered for sale. The license has a guaranteed account opened in one of the British banking institutions in pounds sterling or in euros.

You can use the licensed permission as follows:

  • Offer and carry out payment services to persons who have a residence in the UK (in addition, also to non-residents of the EEA, if local legislation allows this), make cash transfers (online or offline), carry out services related to card acquiring (WeChat Pay/Alipay) and so on.

What shareholders do we need?

  • All potential shareholders will be assessed by the appropriate FCA representatives for compliance with the required regulations and standards. Professional knowledge, experience and level of training in their environment will be assessed. Experience in this area is required.

What other requirements are there?

  • You will be required to submit a draft contract design for the relevant IT systems. In addition, you must have a physical office located in the UK. Our partner company will be able to assist you with the registering, if there is a need.

We will assist in drafting all the accompanying papers for your application-form, and will also be the contact person in your cooperation with the FCA.

UK account type

  • A guaranteed UK GBP/EUR account in the name of your organization. It is provided to make payments in more than 30 currencies. The bill requires payment of £ 500 per month. You can manage your account via an Internet connection. This service costs £ 11,950 + VAT.

Regulatory fees:

  • £ 500 for FCA
  • £ 300 (how much it costs to apply) + £ 150 for HMRC (only payable if you are transferring funds)

Asking Price: On request

For details:  / Telegram @Alexandraa001

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