Eternity Law International Licensed Cyprus STP Firm for Sale

Licensed Cyprus STP Firm for Sale

September 1, 2020

CIF type: STP

Licensed Cyprus STP Firm for Sale. Investment services provided by the company: acceptance and delivery of orders for processing that relate to one or more instruments of the financial apparatus. Execution of orders on behalf of consumers.

Services that are included in the list of additional:

  • control and monitoring of the level of security of instruments of the financial apparatus, including storage and support services and related maintenance;
  • the issuance of credit loans or loans to one or the instruments of the financial apparatus, if the firm that provides the loan or loan is directly involved in the transaction;
  • advising enterprises on the structure of current capital, industrial strategies and related issues;
  • services for carrying out operations regarding the exchange of foreign currencies;
  • investment research, financial analysis;
  • activities related to capital contributions and the provision of related services.

How long has the company been operating: several years

CRM: absent

Communication with banking institutions: the presence of corporate accounts for clients in Saint Lucia bank and  bank in Latvia.

PSP: absent

Staff: three full-time employees (2 executive directors and one employee who is responsible for monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements), 2 independent directors.

Expenses that are required to be paid monthly: 16 00-18 000 euros.

Expenses that correspond to the CEO: 8000 euros.

Non-executive directors’ expenses: € 1,000 monthly (covers two people).

Capital: 125 thousand euros (additional contribution is 45 thousand euros)

There are no penalties from CySEC. The company is owned by Cypriot shareholders.

Asking Price: On request

For details:  / Telegram @sophieternitylaw

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