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SEMI license in Czech Republic

April 7, 2023

A permit such as SEMI-license in Czech Republic is a document that gives you the right to openly provide your services in the jurisdiction, working in this area, as well as EU-countries. In addition to the direct acquisition process, entrepreneurs can resort to such an option as SEMI in Czech Republic for sale – a completely ready-to-use structure. There’re two types of permissions, and the SEMI license is also called a small license, since it only gives access to a limited range of possibilities, but it’s much easier to obtain. 

Small electronic money institution in Czech: how it differs from PSPs

Plenty of entrepreneurs think payment-firm and small e-money licenses in Czech Republic are almost similar, but in reality they aren’t. Main difference is PSP doesn’t possess ability to deal with e-money and is not connected with them in any way. PSP-providers have some list of pretty weighty restrictions.

Firms that have managed to obtain a SEMI-license in Czech Republic have several advantages. With such a permit, company’s actions can be freer, while firm itself is attractive to clients, as it makes it possible to open accounts in issuer’s e-money system.

Options for using accounts in SEMI-system:

  • payment for goods and services with funds from the account;
  • joint payment of several small payments;
  • division of large payments into small ones and payment by e-money;
  • conversion services are provided;
  • as a bank for storing savings;
  • payment of bills bypassing banks. You’ll pay with e-money to people who are clients of your financial system. This procedure will be much faster, and there will be no bank service fees;
  • transfer of electronic money to real. This procedure is much faster and easier, and does not require additional costs, since all operations are commission-free.

Entrepreneurs may also buy small e-money institution in Czech Republic and launch business-structures in shortest possible period.

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To get SEMI-license in Czech Republic

To get such permit, businesspersons are required to possess office in any EU jurisdiction. It is also desirable to have a representative office – operator of payment system itself, but this item is not mandatory. To get started, you’ll also be required to own a registration address.

Requirements for SEMI-license in Czech Republic

You’ll need 2 months to get it. You can ask for professional advice, and then business-plan and KYC/AML checks will be prepared for you. Besides, you may turn to such an option as to buy company with SEMI-license in Czech. But, if you decide to go through all this on your own, you will need to collect documentation.

Required documentation are next-mentioned:

  • application for entering data into the SEMI-register (according to the model);
  • business license;
  • a questionnaire filled out personally by the head of the company;
  • integrity certificate;
  • business plan with comments;
  • methodology of individual translations and its description;
  • protection plan.

SEMI-license requires fewest normative points to be met. This is the most promising direction. Such permit will allow you to freely deal with e-money, but it’s difficult to prepare all documentation to get it on your own. Since such permit is very popular in Czech and entrepreneurs face various problems in getting it, in order to solve this problem, entrepreneurs can turn to specialists who will help to correctly and competently draw up necessary documentation. We’ll help you and accompany you at all stages of licensing, as well as offer the option of getting a ready-made SEMI-license in Czech Republic for sale.

Do not waste time in vain – contact us. Our company also has an extensive range of ready licenses for sale in other commercial areas.

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