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Banks for sale in EU

December 22, 2023

Banks are not only a profitable business, but also a rather promising business, which, in any situation prevailing in the economic situation of a particular jurisdiction, generates profit. If you choose the right company to purchase, you can secure income for many years. But also, if you make a mistake when choosing a bank to own, you can suffer huge losses. It is better to immediately seek help from professionals in order to invest funds with maximum benefit and buy a company that will prosper.

To acquire a clean and trouble-free company, it is necessary to conduct an expert assessment. Our company’s specialists know how to properly check documentation and re-register a banking institution. We have an extensive list of ready-made banks for sale and provide full support when concluding a transaction.

EU banking market analysis: how to open your own bank in Europe

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the EU banking sector, so they can always obtain the required information about putting different companies up for sale. You can become the owner of a ready-made licensed bank in the European Union only after obtaining all the required permits from regulatory authorities. We offer plenty of banks for sale in the European Union. To negotiate the acquisition of a banking institution in the EU, you need to complete the following steps:

  • formally send a request from the company or beneficial owner, specifying experience in the finance and banking industry, education and intentions to buy a bank in Europe;
  • have start-up capital and provide information about its legality;
  • draw up and sign a non-disclosure agreement and commissions when purchasing a company or part of it;
  • pay the organization costs.

It is important to understand the specific goals of getting EU bank for sale. It is often easier and much cheaper to choose a bank with a B license rather than an A. We will provide you with the necessary consultancy regarding any issue related to the banking sector.

Also, first of all, you must provide us with the following information:

  • data of owners and beneficiaries, concept of further business. 100% foreign ownership is impossible; investors from other countries can only buy a share of the company;
  • indicating the direction in which you would like to conduct the bank – mortgages, investments, private services, retail, loans, etc. This will help our specialists quickly select the most optimal offer;
  • confirmation of the origin of the money that will be invested in the business. This ensures compliance with legalization and anti-money laundering laws;
  • an indication of the budget that you are willing to invest in the purchase of a banking institution. It determines how big the bank will be, whether it can be purchased in its entirety, or only a part.

With the help of the information provided, our company’s experts will be able to select the offer that best suits your needs.

During your first consultation with our lawyers, you will be able to clarify all the nuances of the transaction and discuss every step of the process of getting any of banks for sale in the European Union and licensing a banking institution in Europe.

Advantages of investing in EU banks

Buying an investment bank in the EU that has all the necessary licenses to operate is possible only after obtaining the appropriate permits from the regulatory authorities of the country in which the purchase takes place. Of course, the procedure for acquiring such a company is difficult, but possible. The main thing is compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

To buy a bank in the EU, it is important to send a formal request from the company or owner, since no one will give information about this type of business anonymously. It is also necessary to document where the funds for the purchase of a banking institution were taken from, since this issue is regulated by the law on legality and combating money laundering. Our experts will help you choose company options specifically for your criteria and capabilities, agree on negotiations and check all the nuances of the transaction. It is possible, and even necessary, to buy a bank in Europe, because it is a very profitable and promising investment that does not depend on the situation in the country.

Banks are very liquid and serious assets that are always in demand. A banking institution will always generate income, regardless of economic and political situations in the state and the world, energy and fuel prices. The decision to buy a bank in the EU is undoubtedly an excellent investment, as you will be provided with profits for many years.

What exactly are the benefits of getting EU bank for sale? Let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. Increasing variety of goods and services. A company can buy a bank with promising Internet services, new services or interesting products. This way you can avoid the costs of developing new proposals and the never-ending battle for copyright. At the same time, you can start offering new products immediately after purchasing a business, which will give you the opportunity to earn money already at the start of owning a bank.
  2. Cost-effective expansion of high efficiency. By purchasing a banking institution, you will also own the company’s offices, receive a database of clients, trademarks, employees – everything resources owned by the enterprise.
  3. Entering new markets. By purchasing a banking institution in a new jurisdiction, you will receive excellent infrastructure for business development, and new horizons will open up.

Buying an investment bank in the EU in order not to get confused in a long choice of countries and not to work for many years to develop a reputation, but to immediately make a profit and be able to expand the list of services and products, the ideal solution would be to buy a bank in Europe, and not open it from scratch.

Features of buying a bank in EU banking sector

The time when you could open a bank without much effort and investment is long gone. Today, creating a business in the financial and banking sectors is an incredibly complex and expensive process. In practice, it is clear that the way to acquire an EU bank takes less time and is less expensive. At the same time, you don’t need to spend a lot of effort creating an honest name, because the company you are buying already has a reputation.

By deciding to acquire an EU bank, you will receive the following benefits:

  • financial license for company operation. The bank already has this permission, so there will be no need to stand in queues for a long time, collecting the necessary documents and constantly worrying until the regulatory authorities consider your request;
  • a functioning, well-established management system: often a company with a profit does not need any special changes;
  • qualified personnel: managers, experienced managers and specialists working in the bank remain working in the company after ownership is transferred;
  • ready-made accounts for corporate payments;
  • customer database: perhaps this is the most important advantage of purchasing an existing business.

It should be remembered that not every bank is profitable. In some cases, such institutions are put up for sale only to avoid recognizing bankruptcy. Therefore, when deciding to buy a ready-made bank, it is important to contact an experienced company of specialists on this issue. We conduct a full check of the cleanliness of a banking institution and find the most profitable options individually.

There are two types of commercial banks in the EU:

  • universal;
  • specialized.

The second option only works in a specific selected direction:

  • savings offers favorable conditions to depositors;
  • investment is more aimed at stock transactions;
  • a mortgage lender lends money to clients to purchase real estate.

Universal banking institutions have the right to work in all areas presented.

At the same time, commercial banks in the EU can be established in the form of JSC and LLC.

  1. Both companies and individuals have the right to establish an LLC. Such a company can have a maximum of 50 employees.
  2. JSC can be of public or non-public type. Such an institution divides capital among shareholders. The one who has a larger share of shares has more rights.

EU private banks for sale are owned by individuals.

Which bank is better to buy in Europe?

Opening a banking institution from scratch entails a lot of risks. Each market segment immediately faces fierce competition from banks that have managed to earn a reputation. A newcomer is often simply trusted less, which will prevent him from quickly developing the system and getting many clients. Therefore, purchasing a ready-made business that has a rating and some kind of fame is much more profitable.

When choosing a bank to purchase, you need to clearly think about exactly what your goals are in this company. Profit, reputation, good service – it is important to set priorities and follow the plan. Another serious point is the specification of the company’s work. If you want to expand your existing list of services and products, it is important to collect all the required documents and licenses.

The price of purchasing a ready-made bank in Europe depends on many factors, including location, profitability, reputation, and scale of the company. In each case, our specialists calculate all amounts individually. At the same time, we will select the best options that fit your budget.

Why choose Eternity Law to purchase banks in the EU

Purchasing a ready-made banking institution is a big responsibility, so it is better to immediately contact specialists who have been working in this field for many years and know all the intricacies of the verification process, collecting documents and re-registering a business. We have been in the financial market of European and other countries for quite a long time, so we have managed to gain an excellent reputation and many satisfied clients.

Our lawyers, economists and managers are skilled professionals who carefully check all bank options before offering them to the client. We also offer an extensive range of corporate services, in particular, opening bank accounts, recruiting personnel, renting office space and much more.

Before making a choice of the company you want to buy, consult with our manager. He will determine your goals and offer suitable bank options for sale. At the same time, we guarantee the fastest possible preparation of all documentation so that you can start operating in your new business as soon as possible.

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